Baby Ducks and Awards Day

May 13, 2022

 The victory lap of Kindergarten has nearly ended, Harrison had his awards program yesterday. The only event left looming is kindergarten graduation. 

I need to check this child's height from last year to now, he seems to have doubled his leg length. There was definitely some sort of growth spurt over the winter, pants that I've had for two years that were always too big were suddenly too small. 

Anyway, Awards Day, he got the award for kindness. 

Elliot has determined that his award is his. He found it, at his house none the less. He can't read or he would know that stealing a kindness award does not demonstrate kindness. 

The biggest highlight for this child though, was when he got to cuddle ducks on Wednesday night. Especially the little one who really was into cuddling. 

In case you're wondering, he now wants a duck. 

Elliot, on the other hand, is a firm believer that indoor animals are unnatural. He's accepted Dill has 2 years of being terrified of stuff animals and taxidermy. 

Side note: he was freaked out by the taxidermy at the cabin in Dry Creek (so was his buddy Dill). 

Here, in this photo, you'll notice Elliot is trying to kick a duck. Not a hard kick, but a very "three year old who was mad at a duck" for flipping it's water over... then Elliot sat in it... and got his bottom wet... so he was retaliating. 


In other Elliot news, I swear I'll forget all these things simply because too many things happen in a 24 hours period...

...We were stuck in traffic yesterday (road work), Elliot became so incensed that the trip was taking too long and he wanted to go home that he began demanding I unbuckle him because he was going to walk home. 

He continued this demand for 30 minutes. 

I also tried to bribe him into pooping in the potty with a snowball, but he said he preferred a king cake. I realize this potty bribery is going to get expensive, but with the extent of his stubbornness, I'm willing to accept it.