Intending to Strawberry Pick in Dry Creek

May 10, 2022

The last weekend in April we spent the weekend in Dry Creek, at the pastor's cabin on the Dry Creek Camp campus. 

Y'all it was nice. Not like Hilton nice, but like youth pastor's family who needed a break from the normal nice. The cabin was lovely and the kids enjoyed everything we did that weekend. 

I wanted us to go strawberry picking at CM Farm and what we ended up doing was every activity except for strawberry picking. 

The boys played until Elliot was being such a tired 3 year old that he couldn't control himself anymore, and we went home. 

My photos are all mixed together, but we got to go fishing and play in the sand. Harrison has been fishing a few times before in ponds, but this was his first time to catch one. 

Take a wild guess at which child was terrified at horses and ended up having fun. If you guess Elliot you are correct, he and the pup were equally terrified of the mounted deer head in the cabin. 

There is no prospect for this kid becoming a vet one day. 

Elliot in the "snow" that he kept arguing with me about until he threw it in the air and got a taste of it. Last winter it actually snowed in Alabama, and he has never seen sand before, so this is entirely our fault for not exposing him to the dangers of sand. 

But now he has been, and from here on out he will likely stay away from eating the stuff while telling hi mother she doesn't know anything about anything. 

What could be more 3 year old than insisting that sand is snow, your mother is ignorant about types of snow, eating some, and then requesting that the ignorant mother get the "snow" out of your mouth while you spit and sputter?

There's that first fish I was talking about. 

It was a keeper and we all ate dinner off this catch. 

Until next time. 

I'm crossing my fingers that we can stay in the cabin during the youth group Winter Retreat and not feel cooped up at our house for yet another year of Winter Retreat.