Top Tips For Your Child’s First Haircut

July 23, 2021

Your child’s first haircut is an exciting milestone in their life and can be a fun activity for you both to do together. 

Although it can be exciting and fun, you might also find that your child does not completely enjoy their first haircut. In fact, for some children, this can be a very overwhelming experience. If this is the case, then it means you are going to have a tough time also.

To help you both get through this milestone as pleasantly as possible, you might want to embrace the following advice. 

Time the Appointment Well

If you know that your child’s mood fluctuates throughout the day, then make sure you book the appointment for a sensible time to correlate with this. If you find that your child is seriously not in the mood for a new experience when the time comes, then this could easily be a disaster. Avoid this by making a sensible decision with the timing.

The mid-morning is generally a good option to pick as your child will still be awake and alert. This can encourage them to be curious about the process and to enjoy themselves. If you let them know that you will be going to eat their favorite lunch or dessert treat immediately after the appointment, this can also help the haircut go well.

Trust a Professional

The person that you trust with this important task can make all the difference to how much your child enjoys the process. 

Searching online for the best salons in your area will help to ensure you hire a trusted professional. Conducting a quick online search for the salons that are local to you, such as by searching for a hair salon Surrey, will give you a range of different options to choose from. 

Come Equipped with Distractions

If your child is not having a good time getting their hair cut for the first time, then distracting them could be the best idea. 

Make sure your child knows that they can bring a toy with them or allow them to play a game on your phone. When your child is distracted by playing a game, they will not be giving much attention to the haircut. This can make the process go so much faster and without any complaints or protests from your young one. 

Encourage Their Opinion

Asking your child what they would like their new haircut to look like is a great way to get them interested and excited.  This is also a great way to encourage this child to be creative and imaginative and develop their sense of independence. 

As your child grows older, they will hopefully start to enjoy getting a haircut and to develop more of an opinion about it and learn about their own sense of style. Watching your child grow in this way can be very exciting for you as a parent. You can do your best to make helpful style tips and suggestions for them.