5 Ways to Keep Guests Entertained at Your Wedding Reception

July 26, 2021

 Everyone knows the wedding is all about the bride. However, it's important to remember that the guests who are attending your wedding love you and (most likely) spent decent money buying you wedding gifts. 

As such, it's a good idea to go above and beyond to make sure they have a good time at your wedding reception. You need to keep them entertained, as you'll probably be too busy to spend a lot of time with each and every person. 

We're here to give you some good advice on how to keep the party going smoothly. Keep reading for five wedding entertainment ideas. 

1. Provide Good Food

First, a wedding reception without good food is a disappointment. If people are going out of their way to celebrate a major event in your life, the least you can do is feed them

It's important to account for common food requirements and diets. For example, we recommend offering at least a few options for people who don't eat meat, are gluten-intolerant, or are allergic to dairy. 

2. Hire a DJ

Next, people love to dance at wedding receptions. Actually, they love to dance in general. 

Make hiring a great DJ part of your wedding planning. You can keep the majority of your guests entertained for hours. Just make sure the wedding venue you book has plenty of room for a dance floor.

3. Rent a Photo Booth

One of the best wedding ideas is to rent a photo booth in which you and all of your guests can capture memorable moments of the evening. This should be included in every bride and groom's guide to planning the perfect wedding. 

A photo booth is both nostalgic and entertaining for people of all ages. What better way to document fun memories of the people who are attending your wedding? Check out this guide on how to rent a great photo booth for your wedding. 

4. Offer an Open Bar

While we would never recommend trying to get people intoxicated, some of the best wedding receptions offer open bars to the wedding guests. By offering people delicious alcoholic beverages, you can help them enjoy their time better. 

Just as importantly, kicking back a few drinks generally helps people loosen up. You'll find a lot more people on the dance floor if you have an open bar at your wedding reception. 

5. Provide Games

Finally, depending on the theme of your wedding, it might be fitting to add outdoor games to your bride guide. Outdoor games like horseshoes, corn hole, and volleyball can really liven up a wedding reception. 

Additionally, it will keep all of your guests entertained while encouraging them to interact with one another. Outdoor games make for an exceptionally good time. 


Want to Keep Guests Entertained at Your Wedding Reception?

We hope you enjoyed our short wedding guide for keeping your guests entertained. But if you're looking for more tips for your wedding reception or design them, we can help. 

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