This Summer Lately - It's Been a Mintue

July 27, 2021

 A lot has happened over the past few weeks. 

Elliot had his last day of daycare in Alabama and it happened to be on a day where they made sand out of flour and baby oil. The kids got quite the kick out of playing with it in the yard... because it wasn't coming into the house. 

This picture of Elliot made me laugh so hard! He was posing with his hand on his leg and saying "cheese," which is you've paid attention in recent months - he's allergic to the camera. Suddenly he wants to see himself. 

About the time we were packing up and running out of meals to cook at home we headed for our last round of Saw's BBQ and played on the playground well past bedtime in Homewood. Elliot was beside himself, on the way to eat he had seen the park and yelled "playground" for five minutes. 

He was hot and wanted some of "Daddy's water" which was Coke. 

The weekend we ventured into New Iberia for our in-view-of-a-call time I made the family detour (and that detour went way south thanks to the world's dumbest bridge) just to get Jeremiah Ice. It was worth the extra two hours in the car. 

We came home and continued packing. These two really play well together, out of forced necessity surely. 

We attempted to see a Barons game with our favorite Springer clan, but he rain got us. Never the less, our little crew is always down for an adventure. Failed or not. 

We left the house one morning so the inspector could check it out of the buyers - this lasted 10 minutes before we had melted and found ourselves back in the sanctuary that is car air conditioning in July.

There aren't photos between this week and the next. I can get into a packing blur, and then it didn't help that loading and unloading the truck fell on downpour days and I was stressed the heck out. By the end of that day I was in tears and being talked off a cliff by good friends. 

My plan was to get here and then visit my parents, while also picking up a puppy. That was foiled, our closing kept moving (crazy buying times peeps). I managed to also find myself plagued with food poisoning from chicken salad and laid up on the couch all weekend. 

All of the puppy supplies I bought showed up, and this child spent the rest of that afternoon pretending to be the family dog. 

Speaking of dogs, we are picking this little boy up this weekend. I'll get a chance to visit Mom and Dad before school starts and we will see what having a puppy around the house again is like. 

This is a cockapoo by the way, when Jeremy started listening to the kids requests for having a dog again I jumped at the chance to get a breed I am familiar with, loved, and know we could easily train. My grandparents had a black cockapoo when I was a kid and he was honestly the best dog ever. We've rescued so many dogs since then, and he's still a very talked about pup. 

The question about why I didn't just find myself down at the humane society could come up, and I'll explain why I'm not this time. Elliot and I both have allergies, if I come into a home that has a short haired shedding breed I am sneezing in no time at all. I also like smaller dogs, this breed can be a good medium sized pup. They're smart and easy to train and very low shed. With young kids I didn't want to risk it with just any old breed, I had a size and temperament in mind. Plus, as a mother I've become increasingly breed picky. 

Hate me if you must, but it is this phase of life. We've rescued dogs off the road, abandoned by owners due to health issues, and even a dog bred for show that was going to be put down due to not being good breeding stock and deaf. I just want a dog at this time that I can personally train, and be able to trust as much as you can trust a dog, for the safety of the kids. Extreme? Yup. But getting a dog as a puppy gives me the chance to work on temperament from the start. 

Enough dog rambling. 

It quit raining for 35 seconds and our friend came by with the lawn mower to attack the jungle. 

Elliot stood in the door and then the window waving and saying "Hey Brandon" the entire time. He'd pay high dollar to get a chance to mow the grass himself. 

We went by Academy this week to finish up school uniform shopping. Shoes were needed. Harrison was most impressed with the black try-on socks. He wore them the rest of the day, swore he could dance better in them, and made me text a photo to Jeremy. 

This last bit is Elliot, mid ear infection, drinking a juice box and sitting at the door wishing Cox would calm down and quit messing with the internet. He was real irritated with them.