My Thoughts on the Oprah Interview

March 8, 2021

 My lack of sleep is killing me right now! I stayed up too late, and then was up too early watching Australian and British morning show coverage. 

Honestly I'm finding that, as usual, the standard American doesn't get it at all. They're barking about American things and you have to look at this through the British lens. 

from the Associated Press

I honestly wanted to be excited about her, but totally saw the Duchess of Windsor writing on the wall. It wasn't going to work. Love can not overcome duty. No matter what, duty and service have to come first in that family. If you marry in you know what you signed up for. 

Take Harry's last two girlfriends, they dated for ages and ultimately decided they didn't want what came with these level of scrutiny. 

I love that he had a whirlwind romance with Meghan, I can relate on that level. But the difference is a regular Sally isn't on television during a Commonwealth service after their quick romance. 

She says she wasn't trained. Okay, many others haven't been either. William famously kept Catherine at a distance for 10 years of dating before they finally married. He was determined that she could withstand it better than his mother did. 

Harry - well he quick wed (and now we are finding out LIED about everything and married her 3 days earlier, making all that taxpayer money a sham) and her lack of preparedness blew up in their faces. 

They're saying they don't want to slander the Queen's name, but in dropping this baby skin color bombshell that they won't dive further into and talking about how his father cut off his money... is not helping anyone. 

More background - titles aren't usually given to great-grandchildren. William's children only got them because he WILL be king. Harry is the spare, a role that Andrew has suffered from. The slew of bad decisions that comes from these spares is shocking. 

They also can't very well make it sound like the Crown took away security, the MET police are in charge of security. If we can all recall from a year ago - they were getting pushback for the cost of keeping Met officers in Canada for that long. So it was tossed to Canada to cover it, and they said no. Trump even famously said they the US wouldn't pay for it either. 

People, people, the York sisters have private security. Why didn't they think that they would need private security if they "stepped back." It was coming at them full force. Harry's own father is who has pushed back at Andrew for trying to stay so senior royal and make his children who will never be on the throne senior royals. They know that to make the monarchy last they have to keep the British people happy. 

Where else do I want to go with this? 

The money. 

While I'm glad that his mother's money (and didn't the Queen Mother also leave them money?) helped in this time... he needs to not act like 20 million is chump change. Charles probably saw that they could stand on their own financially and set them free. The people of Wales already complain about Charles's Duchy of Cornwall, why on Earth would they want to foot the bill for two defunct royals as well. If the York girls were taking taxpayer money I assure you their would be anarchy. 

But, they're again they are saying this all on American news media and your standard American doesn't know a thing about any of this. They don't even know that Wales has been murmuring about independence again. 

If the allegations she's making a

bout racial things are true, then that is heartbreaking. Especially for a royal family that has worked so hard, or a Queen for that matter, to show that race and gender do not matter. She has famously danced with an African leader (the name leaves me now) when racial tensions were high. She drove the Saudi leader around, when he was still against letting women in that county drive. This woman has WORKED. FOR. EQUALITY. across the Commonwealth. They have high standards for countries that are involved in the Commonwealth. How does Meghan not know this? Why has Harry not informed her on this matters. 

Like honestly, one weekend on old BBC documentaries on Youtube could have solved a lot of problems for the woman. 

My mind is shot. 

For a royal interview - it was incredible. They talked about things we always wanted to hear. 

As an anglophile who was born in the wrong country -  this is devastating. Like send letter to the Queen sad. Phillip is in the hospital going on week 4, at age 99, and this can not be helping. Surely this is why our dear Queen got two new Corgi puppies this week. I'd need a new puppy to make it through this too.


Share your thoughts with me friends, I'd love to hear your take.