Should I Hire a Live Band for My Wedding?

March 30, 2021

Getting married and planning a wedding reception is an exciting journey for any couple. In between selecting a venue, caterer, and finding the perfect dress and tux, you may wonder whether or not to hire a live band. 

While DJs can play a list of selected songs, there's nothing like the sound of live music. You can have the same music played as if you were to hire a DJ, but with an elevated level of entertainment on your special day. 

If you're interested in live wedding bands and want to know all the benefits of hiring a band, then stay tuned. You'll learn all about hiring a band for your wedding and how they'll provide hours of enjoyment at your wedding reception. 

Deciding to Hire a Live Band

When contemplating your wedding entertainment options, a live band is an excellent choice. For starters, they can play the same songs as a DJ, but with added entertainment. Your guests will be able to hear all the classics while watching a live show. 

Band members can come onto your dance floor to interact with guests and encourage audience participation. This will amplify the experience of everyone attending your wedding reception, giving them memories to last a lifetime. 

Live bands are also able to accommodate your schedule throughout the day. Things often come up on your wedding day, and you may experience delays. A live band can work with you, playing music when and where you need it. 

They can also play the music you choose to walk down the aisle to, elevating your ceremony. DJs are only able to play pre-recorded music on your special day, while a live band can ebb and flow with the demands of your wedding, accommodating your every need.

Another benefit of hiring a live band is their PA system. Discuss with them if you can use their PA system for toasts and announcements throughout your wedding reception. Live wedding bands also host activities during your wedding reception, such as tossing the bouquet and garter, as well as the cake cutting. 

Choosing the Right Band

When selecting your wedding vendors, it's important to hear the live band you choose ahead of time. See if you can watch them in action at a wedding or similar event, so you know their style. Make sure to discuss with them the style of music you want to hear, and whether or not they're familiar and comfortable with your music choice. 

Talk to the band of your liking about prices and availability. When you find a band you wish to hire, let them know as soon as possible, as many live wedding bands book up months in advance. This is true for all wedding vendors, so be sure to hire them with as much notice as possible. 

Planning a Wedding

If you're looking for live entertainment that will keep your guests dancing all night long, then look no further than live wedding bands. These entertainment professionals can play any song you choose, accommodate your wedding day schedule, and provide a show for your guests. Be sure to hire a live band to have the wedding of your dreams. 

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