How to Get Married in Chicago: 3 Tips for a Flawless Wedding

March 15, 2021

As you walk down the aisle, your husband-to-be sheds a tear, your audience gasps, and you feel beautiful - that's what you've always wished for, right? 

Well, if you've met the person of your dreams and want a wedding to match, it takes some serious planning. If you're wondering how to get married in Chicago, make sure you've got all the insider info before going ahead. 

A poorly planned wedding is no way to start your marriage, but a beautiful wedding will set you both up for the rest of your life.

Read on to learn 3 vital tips to pulling off the perfect Chicago wedding. 

1. Choose a Venue 

Some prefer Chicago courthouse weddings; others love a City Hall Chicago marriage. You have a big choice to make if you haven't had your venue picked out since you first set eyes on the love of your life, and you're still wondering where to get married in Chicago.

Of course, it comes down to personal preference - but the most important thing? View the venue, plan a little, and then view it again. No matter how much you love it the first time, once plans unfold, it may be clear that it doesn't fit the theme of your wedding. 

2. Set the Guestlist  

This might seem obvious, but you need to think about your guest list early. No matter how organized you are, guests are notoriously difficult

  • How many guests can the venue seat?
  • Do you and your fiance have equal amounts of friends?
  • Are there any family feuds that need sorting out before the day? 
  • How long will your family and friends need to RSVP? 
  • Who will want a plus one? 

You want your marriage in Chicago to go off without a hitch (other than getting hitched yourself, of course). So, before planning the dream day, you need to make sure your guests are sorted. 

3. Plan the Big Day

Planning a wedding can be as stressful as moving house. The lists of jobs go on and on. Arranging food; flowers; music; officiators; marriage license; decorations; budget; timings; cake; hair; makeup; dress... need we go on? 

But when you're getting married in Chicago, it doesn't need to be a stressful day. Consider wedding planners and all inclusive wedding packages to take the load and leave you free to enjoy your day. 

Most importantly, avoid a pre-marital fight about who was meant to pick up the cake - that's no way to start your marriage. 

How to Get Married in Chicago: Are You Ready?

Now you know how to get married in Chicago, it's time to start planning your dream wedding. 

Sit down with your fiance and talk about how you both picture the day. Once you've ironed out the basics, look at all inclusive Chicago wedding packages to do the hard work for you. 

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