Sharing is Caring

October 14, 2021

We've hit that time of year, sometimes you can go out and it's beautiful. Other's you'd swear we were all in mid August in such thick humidity that we are all doomed to a life of sweating constantly. 

Glistening might be a pretty word for it. 

But this far south... nothing glistens. It pours. 

Don't look too closely at the rosemary in the corner of the photo above... two straight weeks of rain nearly murdered the poor dear. Hopefully a cool snap (anything below 90) and a few dry days will do her some good. 

Now for the boys that are going to be the reason I have white hair by 40. 

In the photo they were sitting outside nicely, eating popsicles... at first glance. But as I opened the door to snap a pic of their sweet demeanor Harrison announced "Elliot is being so nice, he's sharing with our puppy!" 

Aww sweet, that dog really needed a Rocket Pop. And Elliot really needed some dog spit. 

I wish I had a photo or video of their antics last night, but Halloween really gets them going. Harrison was stomping around growling, pretending to be a werewolf while I was trying to dress them for bed. Elliot was happily causing mischief as usual and suddenly Harrison bit Elliot. (not hard, but it made his point playing) 

Elliot stood up from the floor, faces the window, and starts howling at the moon. 

You know, because his brother turned him into a werewolf and all. It's real. Seriously, it's just that no one believes Harrison (except Elliot, who really believes Harrison). 

In the name of Halloween/birthday decorating I broke down and ordered the wall bats that everyone has loved since last Halloween.

This weekend I need to finish up my d├ęcor and start filling balloons for his arch and take out (find) the birthday banner. 

My plan for this year was to really decorate for each holiday, but now that we are right back in the moving/selling phase for a hot second that is being postponed to next year. Rumor has it we are finally closing this month. 

The other thing keeping me back from holiday decorating is that I want to decorate the house. Painting begins this weekend, and hopefully we will also start to tackle the guest room painting as well. 

The current to list is a touch steep: 
a new fridge and microwave (ours was lost in the first buyer's contract and they fell through, leaving our microwave in Alabama) 
couch and chairs for the living room (still using the "we sold everything we own stand in furniture from the apartment that has been through too much) 
eventually painting and decorating our bedroom

But living room furniture is high on the list, that Facebook Marketplace couch went through two moves in the rain and is the strangest shade of tan yellow anyway. Then there's the chair I intended to recover and have lost the will to recover it. It is just going to go. 

Homecoming was last week. 

We were rolled.... 7 times. 


Jeremy tried to give them out pandemic toilet paper that is clearly regenerating in the closet, but they refused. They used the good stuff. 

I am never getting rid of these last few rolls of Scott. Note to self... never buy thin paper when you're desperate. Just buy a bidet.