We Wish You a Muggy Christmas

December 17, 2021

 Christmas is happening whether I've caught up to that fact or not. 

Base that off of a half lite tree that is missing many ornaments and I can't even bring myself to figure out what has been stolen by the dog. I think that tree/dog/toddler combo is what is making me not wrap gifts.

The problem really lies in the fact that we are doing our family Christmas this Saturday and yet not a thing is wrapped. If they didn't adore unwrapping I would probably leave it all out displayed cute that morning. 

Harrison had his Kindergarten Christmas Chapel this week, super adorable, but I was honestly most impressed that he was able to stay on stage and not get nervous with the crowd. 

However, sending a sensory sensitive kid to school with pom pom balls glued to a shirt with felt glue was highly annoying to wear all day. So I was told by the child. 

I took the boys to the youth group Christmas party. There aren't many youth activities I let them attend, but on occasion they get to come. Since they wouldn't be in the way or pose a distraction they were able to follow along. Turns out Elliot's new life goal is to get into a colorfully lighted pool at night. He was obsessed with the two backyards he got to see (we missed the third - it got close to bedtime and he was done) 

The pic above is when we were traveling from house #1 to house #2 - the early darkness got to him. 

A few weeks ago Jeremy's mother was in town visiting and we took her along on our Christmas tradition of Acadian Village. As I expected... Harrison was all about Santa and Elliot acted like we were sending him to visit a murderer. 

The fact that he needs his hair cut is really distracting from the fact that he was in sheer terror. 

They really should have taken the phot as I was trying to set him down in the fake snow and he was hollering and clinging to me like a koala. 

How is it that you can wave and be so excited in line and then lose it when you get within touching distance to Santa? 

What's that disgusting looing nonsense? Well friends, I finally got to go fully hippie 

I got my hands on a kombucha scoby. My first batch is on it's second ferment this week and we shall see what it tastes like come Monday. I decided to flavor it with Ambrosia apples, I added a touch of apple juice to a few to see what it did. 

Let's not even talk about the sourdough starter that was looking like a dream until the temps dropped on day three of making it and it died... real real hard. I can't even begin to imagine how it has shrunk to the extent that it did.