The Old House On Oak || Recent Updates

November 12, 2021

The interesting thing about buying an older home, after owning newer homes, is that your desire to makes changes in greater. 

You want paint to be updated colors. 

Amenities are necessary to your way of life.  

And every time you stick your hands into something else you're quickly reminded that 80 years ago people didn't have the same wants and needs that we do now. 

So far we've painted the exterior and the guest room. Sherman Williams Morning Fog as the exterior, and the interior room we painted is in Sea Salt. The lighter shade of green on the dresser is Privilege Green, while the front door is Fresh Balsam, all SW. 

This past week we updated the fridge (we drink too much water to not have water and ice in the door) and found our there was no water line... so a line was run. 

In true "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" fashion, it didn't end there. 

Hot water has been an issue from day one. After the plumber looked at it yesterday he said what we've got is a 30 gallon tank from 1999 that was not even new at this house, it was previously in a motor home and was made for a motor home... not something on the cusp of 2,000 square feet. Add on top of that the galvanized pipes of old City Park and it's likely 1/3 full of sediment. 

Hence, we never have enough water. 

So, and this is a big so that is half exciting and half terrifying... after much more discussion the entire water system is being replaced. All new pipes and we are going tankless. 

But we won't be able to live in the house for an entire week. 

The projects don't end there, but at the moment everything is else is on the "when we have a free weekend" timer and those are few and far between at the moment. So the next free weekend will include: 

1. German Smear to the front steps (to white it out)

2. Building shutters, and painting them black

3. Wrapping the iron supports in the front of the house to make them look like wood. 

4. Saving up for new living room furniture and eventually getting on the decorating train. 

5. Way down the line... painting our bed and bath. 

And probably painting all the spots around the house were any damage to the new paint is done while the pipes are being changed out. 

Anyone else having heart palpitations? Just me.