Easter, More Quaran-memes, & Answering the Important Questions...

April 15, 2020

Important questions being "Can you sage a baby?"


I sure as heck am diffusing Clary Sage & the Tranquility blend from Simply Earth, because at this point I'll try anything. Elliot's side hobby seems to be yelling, screaming, pulling on my clothing, and demanding I pick him up. 

I'm here to inform you... you might see him on the corner with a sale sign on his neck if he keeps this up. 

I do in-fact feed this child yogurt every afternoon this way. 

You just wouldn't know that because A) there's no photographic evidence and B) he takes photos like a cop doing mug shots anyway. 

I love him. Really I do. 

But I'd have to hire a professional photog if I ever wanted to be included or look decent in photos. 

Last week out children's pastor came by all the kids houses and had a mini surprise egg hunt since the church's annual Easter event was cancelled.

Here's a few of the kids in the yard. I'm. happy to report that when we hunted eggs Saturday as per the Easter requirements when a big fat storm is on the horizon... Elliot finally figured out how to hunt.

Stealing eggs. 

A series of emotional reactions. 

This Easter I learned an important lessons. 

One can not boil, like legit boil, shrimp in the house. 

Yes, I've done a quick boil to make Shrimp Salad. But a full on boil to get New Iberia Jane's Restaurant quality shrimp... I nearly killed the entire family. 

I nearly tear-gassed the entire family. 

But they tasted great. 

I also made a Chantilly Cake, or Gentilly, whatever you prefer. My main issue was that this oven is trying to ruin my reputation and chose to continue heating on this particular day (it doesn't do it every day but when it does you are going to look like you can't cook) and instead of sitting at 350 chose to jump up to 400. 

I'll be remaking this very soon in an attempt to redeem myself. It tastes fine, but it isn't up to standards. 

I finally got my week on Jeremy's youth ministry video. I think y'all will get a kick out of it if you watch tonight. 

If ever you wonder where some bump or bruise came from on Elliot, just know that he never stops climbing. 

It's all rightfully earned. 

I finally got around to reorganizing the kid clothing bins. This happens about once a year when there is a big shift in sizes.  Which has led me to ask on Instagram... 

Did you save all your kids clothing "just in case" or were you a tosser? 

Personally... as one can clearly see... I'm a saver. Elliot is burning through Harrison's bins and in the event we decide to not have a 3rd or maybe have one that child will get these. If it were to be a girl those bins would be donated to another family. 

Several friends have given us hand-me-downs over the years and I'd love to be able to help someone out by dropping off several years worth of clothing and gear. Eventually. 

Want more honesty than you signed up for today? 

Lord's Supper Service online the other day really highlighted just how much I am not liking church at home with two kids alone. 

Yup I said it, I'm not a fan. 

I need to get out and see people, in person. Talk to adults. 

This whole being at home with the two littles while Daddy is at church is for the birds. I keep seeing families post their pics of everyone on the couch joyfully doing church together. 

For those of us with little kids (and I've spoken to a friend or two) or who don't have families who attend church with them... this mess is less than thrilling. 

It's impossible to focus when everyone is having a meltdown or yelling because they're mad that the tv isn't on the channel they want. 

And most of all, it is lonely being the only person (because toddlers don't count as people) in a home during an online service. 

Now for something funny, because it's a lifeline some days. 


Yeah, I'm good without Shreveport. 

Do yourself a favor and search "new iberia haircut" on Youtube. It's the dumbest thing you've ever see. And sadly extremely accurate. 

I missed saying it at the beginning, but I was late to the blog party this week mainly because we were without power from 9:30 pm Sunday to about 5pm Monday. 

Was I panicking about losing food? Yes. 

A friend arranged for another friend to come over with a generator and let me tell y'all... the second we were hooked up and about to power up the lights came on! I've never been so thankful to see electricity outside of a hurricane in my life. 

We will be buying a generator when we buy a house, you can bet your bottom dollar on that. 

Tuesday... I didn't blog... because I went to work. 

We somehow got 7 weeks worth of packets made, stuffed, and set out in a few hours. I nearly lost a finger or two to paper cuts yesterday. 

That was 800 packets made folks. 

Until Friday...