Chasing Frogs

April 6, 2020

It's not often I drag out my DSLR camera anymore, iPhones have really caught up. Granted the only difference is how my nifty fifty lens really captures moments. 

Nothing beats the depth of focus of that nifty fifty. 

Jeremy was working in the yard/the kids were playing outside yesterday evening.

Elliot really is a happier person outside. Thank goodness though! We couldn't get a child that would hate camping. Maybe that's what 2 camping trips in your first year of life will do for a person, three if you count our Arkansas trip when I was pregnant.

Speaking of which, I never want to try and hike pregnant every again.

It so hard to capture kids at this age, especially for a non photographer.

I prefer taking photos of food for the blog, granted it's been about a year since I put out any recipes. But living in apartments will do that to a person. It's hard to be motivated in a less than motivating kitchen.

Oh dearest Cherry Palm house oven, how I miss you so much.

This picture has me thinking, if you're looking for good kid shoes, get some Keens when they are on sale. I got both the boys a pair of their sandals (because they can endure it all) and have loved them.

They aren't the pretty little boy sandals I prefer, but they are durable, conform to their feet well, and do not come off. I repeat. THESE. SANDALS. DO. NOT. COME. OFF. LITTLE. FEET.

I also have a pair of Keens, the short tennis shoe style, but hiking shoe. Who knows. One day I want the higher top ones. They were given to me when I was a writer for Lafayette Mom, Keens was a sponsor, and I love them for hiking. They feel much more secure than regular sneakers when you are out hiking around a campground. They're built for that... but still. they're worth the price and legit.

How do y'all like that dirty little butt that scooted down the hill below?

That is all for today, until I bring out my camera again. Granted if quarantine doesn't end soon it will be a blog of little boys in the yard. Maybe we will get creative and take picture in front of the neighbors horses and cows to change it up a bit for y'all.