Picking Wildflowers & Quaran-Memes

March 25, 2020

Yesterday we went for a walk up and down our little country road. The boys are starting to hit stir crazy, so today I'm going to take them out for a ride in search of teddy bears. 

Hopefully it proves interesting... and we actually find bears. 

One upside to this lock down is we've had more time to cook together. PLUS Harrison has been more willing to try new foods. 

At lunch today he asked to try the leftovers from the other night. (those Pioneer Woman Meatballs I posted Monday) 

Elliot is still being Elliot. 

This photo was on our last shopping trip before all heck broke loose.

What Elliot has recently deemed hilarious is fake sneezing. He tosses his head back and just blows raspberries. 

He will be starting his comedy tour as soon as Corona is over. 


Because what state actually produces better memes than Louisiana? 
But for real though... where did that meat come from? 

Welcome to our house. I just saved you thousands of dollars. 

And I fell off the couch laughing at this one...

Until Friday... stay safe people. 

I'm about to make a iced coffee and see if the kids will hold off burning the house down until Jeremy gets home.