March Mood || Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

March 9, 2020

The March Box is here! 

Or has been here for that matter and I can not catch up on life this month. 

This month you're getting:

Cypress - grief, trauma, transition
Orange - uplifting, creativity, comforts
Energy- calms and improves skins appearance
Patchouli - Increases energy, focus, and mental clarity

In addition to the oils this month you are also getting recipes to make a roller, lava beads, diffuser reeds, and an inhaler. 

You'll see in the video that I went ahead and made the roller, inhaler, and reed diffuser and they all smelled amazing. I actually covered myself in the Persevere roller before work today. 

This box and its theme of mood couldn't be better fitting than in a month of time change and weather change. I've been in such a funk with all the rain that anything that is meant to boost my mood and get me into Spring Break is greatly needed. 

I actually made my own diffuser blend yesterday while filming, cypress and orange. The two smells just remind me so much of Louisiana. Cypress balls on the ground and satsumas in a basket in my kitchen, what better smell is there on earth? 

Besides coffee. 

I had a little trouble getting the bottom off the inhaler container to get to the cotton pad, but I think that was mainly due to the fact that my nails are shot from doing gel manicures for a few months. After that the cap came off it was super easy to put together. 

I'm really enjoying the oils this month. If you've ever questioned how high quality their oils are, the reed diffuser is how to really tell. Within minutes of putting this in my guest room the scent filled the entire space. 

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