A Big Ole Life Lately Dump of Sorts

March 5, 2020

I think my Louisiana born and breed brain is struggling having not had Mardi Gras break. 

I tried to fill in the gap by being decked out on my birthday... at work... and it only slightly helped. At the end of the day I still haven't had a vacation and I'm on the struggle bus. 

Secondly, my cat of a second child found another box. It was a shoe box, and he is not a shoe box size cat. It didn't work out. 

It's Read Across America Week and this year I went all Herdman on my door. If you haven't read The Best School Year Ever, you really should. They're the worst children ever and absolutely hilarious. 

Birthday week at my house (in all it's real life glory behind me) is fun simply because I share it with Harrison. He gets so excited about it all and shares my love of Dairy Queen cakes. This particular night he was singing Happy Birthday to both of us. 

I get so excited hearing him sing. A year ago this wasn't the case at all. He wouldn't be singing Happy Birthday and changing the names multiple times. In fact, I had convinced him to say "I Love You" because he really likes Paul McCartney's Silly Love Songs. Which he was actually singing last night.

For the Harry focused portion of the birthday program we went on an adventure to Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta. 

He loved it, Mom and Dad thought it was a bit packed, Elliot wanted a nap... but Harry thought it was the best idea we ever had. He also got to spend his birthday money from the grandparents at the Lego Store. Which, seeing all those boxes of Legos... he couldn't hardly decide what to get.