Simply Earth Love Your Skin February Box!

February 5, 2020

Guess what came in?!?! 

Excuse the lateness and quality of the photos y'all... we have had a rough two week with flu and what not and now Alabama is under some nasty weather. 

The theme of this month's box is "Love Your Skin" and it's totally fitting considering the time of year. Winter does a number on us and having pretty supple skin is hard to come by during the drier months. 

This month's box includes Frankincense (I swear they can read my mind because whatever I'm contemplating having to buy more of it magically shows up in my box.), Coffee, a blend called Veins, and Fir Needle. This box also includes Rose Hydrosol (new to Simply Earth and totally new to me) and a packet of French Green Clay. 

I might be purchasing coffee essential oil as my go to for eternity now, it smells like the best Saturday morning you ever had. Just add some vanilla and I think it's what heaven smells like. 

This month has another bonus... 13% of sales are going towards the charity Disrupting Traffick that is working to stop modern day slavery. You'll notice the 13% logo on two of the oils. 

The recipes for this box include an espresso diffuser blend, a sugar scrub containing that Veins oil, a bath soak with the rose hydrosol, a body butter (with the French green clay as well as essential oils), a roller blend, and a face mask. 

Here's a little breakdown about the purposes of each oil::

Fir Needle - energy, deodorizing, pain relief, and decongestant
Coffee - warms and invigorates (let's be honest that's the only reason I drink it anyway)
Frankincense - fights germs, pain relief, mental clarity
Veins Blend - warms, reduces the appearance of spider veins

Rose Hydrosol - this is a natural by-product of making rose essential oil. It is water based unlike it's sister essential oil. It smells amazing and locks in moisture, promotes skin healing, and emotional balance. 
French Green Clay - helps to detox the skin by bonding to impurities making them easy to rise off the face. It's gentle, revitalizes, and nourishes the skin. 

There are also a few specials running this month - 

Feb 4 - 6, 20% off on the new Love Set  CODE: 20OFFLOVE
Feb 10 - 12, Free 80ml diffuser with your first box CODE: FREEDIFFUSERFEB
Feb 17, 25% off on CBD VIP Sale, CODE: CBDVIP
Feb 18-20, 15% off CBD Oil, CODE: CBDLAUNCH
Head >> HERE << to get you box for February (or give it as a Valentine's gift) and as always don't forget to use code LABRIDEFREE to get a $40 gift card with your first subscription box and bonus box.