Friday Five | The Sneaux is Falling

February 7, 2020

The flu has finally left the building... and hopefully we don't get other strains either. 

I've never seen Harrison kicked so low, by the end of this he had lost enough weight that we could see his back hip bones. So you can go ahead and guess that we've let him eat whatever on earth his heart desires this week to try and gain it back. 

Does anyone else get excited about morning light. I love Saturday's simply for the fact that it is the one day I can slowly get up and appreciate the light in the morning. It's so pretty streaming in through the kitchen, any kitchen really, I've taken so many early morning kitchen photos over the years. 

So the Super Bowl? Man I love Louisiana fans. 

During math groups this week a had one of the kids cracking up at me and it brought back a memory of teaching those first few years... that I clearly haven't quit doing. 

So, when I taught at Coteau Bayou Blue in Houma the secretary had a "medicine drawer" in the office for the teachers. For months I heard people saying they needed medicine and wandering in there. Turns out it was a candy drawer will full size bars she got at Sam's Club. Since then, at every school I worked at, I've also had a medicine drawer. 

This week I needed the medicine drawer during math. Man I hate fractions. 

The new Simply Earth box for February came in much like every month... I love it! I wish I wasn't so whoo hoo about it. But I can't help it and I sure can't find other words to describe my love. 

They've got a ton of great discounts running this month (listed in my post) so be sure to check them out. 


It didn't stick, but it was really pretty with the heavy snow fall for a few hours this morning. 

I know I'm a nut when it comes to snow, Jeremy wasn't quite as quick to take off running outside. But I'm a born and raised Louisiana girl. We rarely get snow. Even this kind, it's super rare. I can also promise you I remember every time it did actually snow in my life. Then again I grew up with a mom who would get excited about it for us and funny enough a Granny who didn't know the difference between frost and snow and got excited more often than the rest of us. 

Bless it. Tropical dwelling individuals aren't great at spotting snow. 

The last time it actually snowed in Louisiana we were up at 6am before it had a chance to melt, having the time of our lives. I wish Harrison was a bit more sturdy, he was back in doors quick. I on the other hand, stood out there until it was gone. 

The only thing better than fall is snow.

Tell me what y'all've been up to this week!

I think this weekend I'm going on the hunt for a king cake and dragging my people to a The Rougaroux in Brimingham,  I've been a touch homesick. There will also be groceries and laundry, but we don't have to think about that.