Meal Planning Monday on a Tuesday

February 11, 2020

Well, I tried two weeks of shopping in person and I learned something. 

1. It didn't save me the time I was losing with crummy pick-up groceries. In fact, it took just as long. 2. Shopping in person cost more and caused me to not have the savings I normally have. There's a few reasons for that being that prices are harder to determine in store at Walmart and you can see the discounts way better online.

So next week, it's back to grocery pick-up. Crummy Wal-Mart or not. The whole purpose of meal planning to the extent I do is to save money, and that hasn't happened. In fact, this past week cost me double my usual. 

Surely there was a door fee because I have no idea what happened. 

In the event y'all are interested I'll share my tips on planning ahead and how to save money shopping. 

Monday | Huli Huli Chicken with Asparagus

Tuesday | leftovers

Wednesday | Pasta with Broccoli and Pesto topped with a meat marinara (saw someone post this as a meal kit meal they had an I have to try it.)

Thursday | leftovers

Friday | Crawfish Étouffée for Valentine's Day!

Saturday | Eating Out

Sunday | Freezer meal from Trader Joe's