Things I Bought & Liked | May

June 7, 2019

It's been non stop since school let out, but here's last month's Amazon buys!

Eucerin Q10 Anti Wrinkle Face Cream | I've put off replacing my night cream and finally broke down and purchased one. This is not disappointing, it's everything I love about the dermatologist approved brands with all the anti wrinkle things I love. My skin looks much more hydrated in the morning after I use this.

Teddie Organics Rosehip Seed Face Oil | Oldie but goodie. I've been using this for 2 years and had to repurchase. This is one of the few beauty products that I always keep on hand. I started using it when we were trying to get pregnant with Elliot because I had to quit Retin-A. Rosehip oil has vitamin A in a form that isn't harmful to baby, plus it's incredibly moisturizing. Don't be afraid of face oils, I get breakouts from mineral oil containing products, not this.

English Tea Strainer | That stainless steal french press from a few months back isn't my favorite as far as keeping all the grounds out goes. So coffee meets tea strainer. If you're in the market for one, this fits across all of my mugs as well as my Yeti Rambler 14oz.

Vetinee Women's Overall Shorts | My mother said I looked like Junior High Emily, but these are legit. I did size up, this is that slightly stretchy jean material. I initially ordered the dark because the light wash wasn't in stock but this month I am ordering the light. They're just fun, and probably the only 90's trend I am going to get back on. For size reference (I wear a 00, just kidding, fashion blogger jab) I wear an 8-10 at Old Navy and mediums in everything else. I ordered a large in these for so it would be a touch roomy. No one wants a tight overall. 

Sansi Once Piece Rash Guard | Elliot needed a swimsuit since he is too chunky for Harrison's baby swimsuit. This is getting the job done. 

TSLA Active Shorts | My biggest issue breastfeeding is that it limits my clothing. My mama hips after two kids weren't getting along with my premama hip sized bike shorts, so I ordered a new pair. This is my way of wearing a dress and being able to pump or nurse without flashing my girl bits to all of America. If you're in the market, this brand is soft, compares well to other leggings I own, and had a pocket for snacks. Just kidding... it's not for snacks but I do put bobby pins in it.