Lessons in Motherhood from my 4 Year Old

June 19, 2019

I won’t lie, when I look at my now lanky 4 year old all, I can see is a chubby 2 year old. 
He still needs me to get things for him, put on his shoes, and he doesn’t say much. That chubby baby isn’t potty trained, surely won’t tell me he needs to potty, and doesn’t know his colors. 
But now, just like I’ve learned with taking away his pacifier, he is so much more capable than I’ve ever given him credit for. 

I recently shared a few lessons I've been learning lately from the kiddos, over on the Lafayette Mom’s Blog. I’d so love for you to head over there and read how I always expect the worst but everything always works out (and I'd love it if you left a comment) .