Meal Planning Monday

March 25, 2019

To continue the "pollen season is going to kill me because the baby is miserable" I woke up this morning and attempted to French press my Yeti mug.

At least I get my long awaited hair cut tomorrow.

Monday | Leftover gumbo (somehow I managed to fit this into my low carb day macros)

Tuesday | Eating out due to the hair cuttings - Chicken Salad Chick for low carb win

Wednesday | Attempting to make Grillades in the Instant Pot, never made it last week.

Thursday | leftovers

Friday | Grilled Chicken, Birdseye Lentil Pasta, Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Saturday | French Onion Beef Sliders with Easy Tomato Soup

Sunday | leftovers

Breakfast | My favorite smoothie. 

Lunch | Kale Salad with Chicken

Snacks | turkey sticks & cheese or Lara Bar