Life Lately. Really Lately.

March 22, 2019

It's been a minute since I did a little life recap, so here goes...

Over the Mardi Gras break I got the chance to donate my milk to a mother who had just adopted. If you're nursing, on FB, and have a stash that will go bad before you get to it... consider getting in the Human Milk 4 Human Babies group. I honestly can't remember if I said this here or just on Insta. So if it's a repeat... sorry about that. 

Mom brain has been awful lately. 

Stickers to your infant brother's head are essential the same as all of us writing "X was here" every random place as kids right?

"For a turtle sticker call Harrison at 555-5555"

While roughly 900 years old, barely hearing, blind as a bat, and her teeth falling out left and right Ellie can still spot potential food from a mile away. 

I've started setting Elliot up in the high chair (depending on his mood) when we are eating dinner. He gets practice sitting, playing, and hopefully is entertained enough to let m eat peacefully. Ellie on the other hand see that elevated white chair and is praying something good falls. Cheerios aren't good by the way. Chicken nuggets are preferred. 

The list of things this snotty dachshund won't eat are ridiculous. I tried giving her gummy melatonin the other night. She snubbed it. Wrapped it in turkey, she nearly took my finger off. 

That's the other issue. In her old age her ability to "nicely" or "gently" take items from you has vanished. 

Jeremy goes to breakfast on Thursdays with some guys from church. This past week I made him bring me a coffee, so I could have two coffees. This might have to be a regular thing. 

Year one with a kid is just flat exhausting. 

Anyone else use laundry baskets full of clothing as a momentary baby drop spot? 

I should probably reconsider this though, when Harrison was this age I left my phone in the basket (his room was upstairs and I was toting everything down stairs) and ended up washing the phone. The baby managed to survive. Just not the phone. 

There are also momentary bursts of sibling jealousy. 

Like the laundry basket. 

After I snapped a pic of giggling Elliot I heard someone saying "Mama cheese" to find this >>>

He also only says "dada dada" at random.

I'm assuming it's when he feels I've given too much attention to the small fry and needs mama.

Like this morning, I kept telling him to go to the bathroom. (while holding the baby) Once I put the baby down and went with him he was fine. He tinkled. Life was good. I even trimmed his bangs while he was sitting and then combed his hair. But while a baby is in tow... not so much. He isn't mean to the baby or does any big jealous moves you see kids do. It's just the "dada" comments that make me think that's his way of expressing that he needs some mama attention.

Sans baby.