Lemon and Wild for Eco-Friendly Lunches

June 29, 2018

I was not compensated monetarily for this review but was sent Lemon and Wild's products to test out! 

It almost feels like a resurgence of the 60's right now with the current food and lifestyle movement. More and more people are aware of what they are eating and the products they are using in their homes. 

So when Lemon and Wild contacted me about sharing their products with my readers I knew y'all would enjoy it! 

Lemon and Wild is a newer company that sells eco-friendly kitchen papers out of Minnesota. Right now they are offering a sandwich kit product in two different designs. The kits include 20 sandwich wrappers with 20 coordinating resealable stickers.

I think that resealable would be great especially for school age kids, they almost never finish a lunch. This way they could wrap their sandwich back up and eat it later. Trust me mom's many of them save half of their lunch for a snack later... I see my students do it all the time.

These adorable sandwich wraps are a chic way to ditch the plastic baggies and dull kitchen paper. Plus... stickers. If I use the parchment I have on hand I'm having to use tape from the office to hold everything in place. This solves that problem.

Also, call me a crazy old lady but their entire site has free shipping right now... and I'm the type that will go to great lengths to get free shipping.

Okay, enough of the shipping.

How cute are those patterns? Lemon and Wild is working on a back to school theme for the end of summer and I can't imagine how cute those are going to turn out!

My glorious sandwich all wrapped up tight! 

I really loved how these aren't just cute but are actually functional. My favorite sandwich is banana, honey, and almond butter... their paper actually kept the honey from leaking out or dampening the paper and causing a big mess. 

Alright ladies... and potentially the two guys that read, Lemon and Wild was nice enough to provide a discount code for my readers. You can use LABRIDE at checkout for $5 off your purchase or follow this link < here > to have it added to your cart automatically!