Why Spring Cleaning Boosts Your Well-Being and How to Make it Fun

June 27, 2018

Today's guest post was submitted by Jennifer Dawson! 

Why Spring Cleaning Boosts Your Well-Being and How to Make it Fun

“We are used to cleaning the outside house, but the most important house to clean is yourself your own house which we never do”. An analogy by Marina Abramovic, suggesting that we focus on our outer appearance as opposed to within. When we work on our inner self/well-being we become balanced; the problem is when do we find the time to do this? A Spring clean can contribute positively to states that make up our overall well-being, e.g. happiness, vitality and calmness. Here we understand why deep cleaning boosts your well-being and how to make your next one entertaining.

It’s a Form of Exercise

The feel-good chemical endorphins are released when you exercise which boosts your mind and self-esteem. A study found that an average of 600 calories are burnt during a two-hour cleaning spree. When combined, intensive activities such as window cleaning, floor mopping or giving the driveway a good scrub, are just as effective as a 5km run. For added benefits incorporate lunges and keep your abs tight whilst cleaning.

It Uplifts Your Mood

Getting your home organized and clutter free has the ability to release negative emotions, lower stress and make you feel more productive. Decluttering gives a sense of control and frees up mind space allowing other thoughts to enter. It eases some allergy symptoms and prevents the spread of illness, making your household feel healthier. 
Using great smelling cleaning products helps to boost your mood, as pleasant smells can instantly remind us of happy times. Lavender-scented cleaning products are great for relaxing you, Pine helps to reduce anxiety and Peppermint promotes motivation. 

Spring Cleaning Fun

There are essential chores, and chores that can wait; to prevent that overwhelming feeling try keeping on top of the essential ones. You could also get your family involved to help out and use as an opportunity for quality catching up time. Listening to your favourite music during a session will really help you get into the flow. Singing and dancing also release endorphins; what could be more fun than pretending to be in the music video of your favourite artist.  
Spring cleaning can be an uplifting, stress relieving and happy occasion, that gets your mind clear and contributes to well-being. Its intensity burns calories saving you a trip to the gym, you get to dance around the house singing your heart out to your favorite songs, and you might find something precious you once thought was lost. 

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