That Time We Quit Cable

July 21, 2017

We cancelled Cox this week.

Well, not only Cox, but also Verizon.

It wasn't on a whim either. I'd say about a year ago the conversation came up to get rid of it to save money. Granted not the cell phones, just cable. The concept fell through when it was time to renew our contract and since we couldn't land on an agreement we went ahead with cable.

I couldn't give up DVR.

My channels... those shows don't come up on Netflix.

Then we visited our favorite frugal friends and they showed us what they had.

We came home and within the week cancelled cable and phones.

We still have cell phones... but swapped to Straight Talk because for half the price we get more than double the data and could keep our numbers.

Cable went out the window and we got a Roku and a Sling subscription... I'll be adding the PBS Passport before Great British Baking Show airs tonight.

I lost a few channels, but I should probably not watch them anyway.

Plus in the long run this will help with keeping kiddos from seeing things they have no business watching. Commercials are even awful these days.

So instead of that phone upgrade I wanted, we down graded.

Instead of recording that show that went off air and is finally coming back this fall... I'll be watching something else.

Or even better, read a book or the bible and not mental say that I need to watch whatever the show is I recorded.

So yeah, we cancelled it all. I still can't believe my cable loving self agreed to it, so out of character.

But the money saved will basically afford for a second kid to go to the sitter at the same time as Harrison... not that there is a second kid yet.

So that happened.