Food Network Star S13 Ep 7 Recap - Who Used Pepper?

July 18, 2017

I know I've skipped episode 6, Addie (how does she spell it?) was sent home. She was partnered with Matthew. 

In case you were unaware... no one on earth likes him. Not even Giada. 

That's all I can remember from that one. I skipped posting about it because we were out of town when it aired and watched it nearly a week later. 

Now for episode 7 I literally drove all day to be able to be home in time for this one. I was at Paul McCartney the night before, prepare to hear me only blog about him for the rest of forever, and I'll be posting about that tomorrow.

This episode could easily be summed up by saying that Giada despises Matthew but somehow he doesn't get sent home.

He narrowly escaped by winning a Beat Bobby Flay themed challenge and not having to go head to head with him.

The group that did cook with Bobby was Cory, Amy, and David.

They had to cook against Bobby since they lost the previous challenge. Cory made the mistake of putting some grilled pepper onto the tomato dish and nearly killed both Anne and Giada. They were gagging and failing around over that one. Funny enough David and Amy had no clue what was happening.

Even funnier was that David picked up a jar of sun dried tomatoes and Giada yelled and asked what he was holding... sun dried tomatoes never killed anyone.

Amy made steaks and accidentally set them on a hot burner and ruined them, causing herself to not have enough time to make more that were cooked to the right temp.

David made shrimp & grits... I fear none of the contestants have ever watched Beat Bobby Flay. Alex always kills him by making classic French cuisine. The man has been on FN since the beginning, grits won't make him lose.

Cory made duck breast with red eye gravy, we kept saying that if anyone could beat Bobby it would be Cory. Jeremy and I were right, he got him. For some reason Bobby removed the duck skin and Anne wasn't a fan so he lost it.

In the end what decided between Amy and David leaving was who's score was closer to Bobby's on the dishes they chose to cook. David scored lower thanks to Bobby not chopping his brussel sprouts (which Anne lovingly calls Fart Bombs, gag.) and giving Amy a leg up.

So David left and Amy is still the last woman standing.

Matthew will probably irritate Twitter enough that they will pull their resources just to drive to his house and beat the snot out of him.

Seriously. No one likes Matthew.

Even Giada.