Weekend Wrap Up

December 5, 2015

Can I just say that holiday's with a baby are so much more fun than holiday's just the two of us. Mainly because we can go do all the holiday stuff I normally want to do without any protest from Jeremy! 

He doesn't disagree if it's for Harrison. 

First stop was salt dough ornaments, I'm not entirely happy with how they've dried, so I'll probably be making some cornstarch/baking soda ones. 

Let me know if anyone of you have a successful recipe. 

Pumping on the go has continued to be interesting. 

This week led me outside of my typical closet and into the bathroom at the school board during a writing meeting. 

Normally I would protest a bathroom situation more than I did, but I just wasn't in the mood to have to beg someone to let me pump in a private place, a good 40 people saw me pumping. 

We were are currently living just isn't that breastfeeding friendly so it puts a strain on pumping in public. I could care less about how people feel about me nursing in public though, if you can bottle feed your baby I can dang sure breastfeed. 

I swear why is our "developed" country so underdeveloped on it's opinions of women nursing? I grew up seeing it (and can't name but maybe one bottle fed baby I ever saw growing up) and I am not lying when I say that last month I gave a baby a bottle in the nursery and it was my first time to ever give a formula bottle. I've only given my child 1 bottle when we were trying to teach him to use one for the sitter and it was pumped milk. It just felt so strange to shake a bottle. 

Tree is up, lights are on, fall banner is still on the mantel, but we have a tree skirt and that's good enough for me. 

I've kind of purged the meaningless Christmas decorations I had when Jeremy and I were engaged in favor of making room for a tree that can be filled with ornaments I love and ones that our children will make. 

I made protein waffles last weekend in an attempt to just eat waffles. Gotta say they aren't as good as I remember. I think I've been ruined with my Paleo friendly waffles over the years. 

There's just nothing better than 1 banana and 2 eggs pretending to be a waffle with some spinach in there for the vitamins. 

Clearly packing to come home from Thanksgiving brought up the "we will eventually need a mini van" conversation. 

However the only thing that will force that is if when we have our next child it turns out to be twins. Otherwise we are just shoving everything into my tiny Focus until we are out of all of our debt except the house. 

Speaking of debt, if you've got student loans coming out of your ears consider doing a consolidation.  I don't know why it's suddenly a thing again because we tried to do this to mine in 2011 and they wouldn't let us. It mainly just puts them all into one payment, which is great because without that I have several student loans. It probably took  11/2 hours on the phone for each of them, but now it's going to be way more manageable to get them paid off before we are dead.