Christmas Pictures 2015

December 12, 2015

Our Christmas cards have been sent, and I didn't send very many. Mainly just to relatives and a few friends. 

However, I thought I'd share our Christmas photos here. 

I've been waiting to do a red and white Christmas Tree Farm theme for ages and was insanely happy that Jeremy obliged. I think they are the best we've taken so far. 

Let me also add that I take my own photos, I initially set up the shot with everyone in it except myself and get the settings correct and do a few test shots. Then I take my stand in, my sister, out and show her what I want. She then takes the several photos and the rest is history. 

The photos I'm not in though, I take them myself. I really should invest in a tripod so she doesn't have to follow me every year. The bonus though is that when I take pics I also take a few of her and my nephew, guess you could call that her payment. 

Getting a nearly 6 year old to pose, not too bad. Convincing a 9 month old to quit eating pine straw, impossible.

Joshua kept trying to tell Harrison to look at the camera and I kept trying to convince him to just watch me and I'd take photos until the baby agreed with us. That led to a lot of photos of someone looking somewhere else. I got a few great ones of Joshua by himself and completely forget to get the baby.

The sleigh pics were by far my favorite, not because of how they turned out, but because of how funny it was to try and take them.

We had Josh sit and keep a handle on Harrison, all the while the baby was furiously slapping him in the face. The phrase "just smile anyway and don't let go of him" was tossed out a few times.

That led to the photo above. Joshua was cracking up because my wiggle worm of a slapper was attacking him and Harrison was just all over the place. If you know my sister, you'll know the offspring she produced, they aren't the picture taking kind. So to get a real smile out of Joshua was a shocker.

My crazy child trying to figure out what his crazy aunt was doing while his big cousin tried to keep from dropping him.

These two might just be my favorite pictures I've taken of Joshua and Laura ever.

Since I'm sitting here looking at a picture of my sister in her pajamas at a tree farm with full makeup on let me throw this one out there, she never wears a drop of makeup. I also think the tree farm owners must have thought we were pretty crazy wearing pajamas with full hair and makeup.

I go to bed like that though, you just never know who you'll meet.
(I kid.)
(But really I should probably wear full makeup just in case I ever get whisked away at night, it would be a shame for a fireman to find me in a stained nursing tank with a top-knot in men's boxers.)