The Weekend Cleaner

September 2, 2015

I have really tried over the years to clean as I go all week and without fail it just doesn't work for me.

Granted while I was home for maternity leave/summer break it was a breeze, but the evenings just aren't cleaning time for me.

My schedule at night literally looks like this:

4pm - 5pm - clean bottles & do a 30 min workout dvd
5pm  - nurse Harrison, cook dinner & eat
7pm - baby bath time
7:30 - nurse and put H to bed
8pm - blog if I'm not exhausted and then go to bed

Jeremy does dishes and straightens the kitchen in the evenings while I put Harrison down, but full blown cleaning just isn't in the cards.

I operate much better on Saturday morning... and with a list.

So I thought I'd share what I do and when with you, as a printable, in case your a weekend cleaner too. I actually have this printed out and on my fridge.

It's not uber fancy... but it works!

I've got it broken down by weekend and then there's a bonus weekend for those months with 5 weekends. There are a few basics that I do every week, but other than that I will have cleaned the house from top to bottom in the course of a month.

Who else is a weekend cleaner?