Part Time Pumping Full Time Tired

September 11, 2015

You've probably (or more than likely been just as insanely busy as I have been and haven't) noticed that I've been awfully blog silent this week. 
 After the baby cold to end all breathing we found the small child version of my "almost had to go to the hospital for a virus at 9 months pregnant" virus. 

It was quite the opposite of lovely. 
 That then led into the phase this week I'll be referring to as "Oh you thought you wanted more kids?" Some people might call this teething. 
 I'm assuming teething is supposed to do one of a few things:
 1. prevent parents from having children too close together. About time you want another one, possibly a dozen, this nonsense starts. I told several church friends last night 
that if they walked off with him they may not come back to find me around. It was a "finder's keeper's" situation. 
 2. give us an Earthly representation of what separation from God will be like in hell. I'm quite poisitive this is one of the big one, teething alone should have people flocking
to God. Hell is obviously going to be full of teething. 
 3. a true test of marriage. If your husband hasn't run away yet it's the final proof that he's not going anywhere. I went so far as to appologize to Jeremy for the fact that I was out 
of my mind exhausted and overly cranky and didn't want to make him think it was directed at him. In fact it was directed at not being asleep. 
 All that to say this...

I think I'm done with middle of the night pumping. 
 From what I've read on my beloved Kelly Mom site I should cut out the dreded 2:50am alarm. 

She suggets pumping if you wake naturally to go to the bathroom or if you wake up from engorgment. 
I'm fine with that, I can only recall once in my life not waking up to 
use the bathroom.
 Another suggestion I saw, in the event I don't wake up to pump, is to do a short pump before I shower and feed at our daily wake up time. 
 That one also work... kind of... but the Kelly Mom suggestion will work better for me. 
 After multiple nights of pleading with God to knock me slap out into an almost coma state of sleep I'm turning off the alarm. 

Hopefully my supply won't decrease though, because I have been able to rely on that pump for getting one decent bottle. The rest of the pumps (all 3 at work) combine 
to make 2 bottles. 

Has anyone else had luck with this? 

I feel like pumping adds another level of anxiety to life.
 If I were staying home and exclusively nursing I wouldn't be worried about how many ounces I was getting and 
happily sleeping through the night. We would just nurse when we did, just like I did over the summer, and that would be life. 

Plain and simple.
 So part time pumping moms, help me out! Did you end up in this situation and how did you handle it?