September 25, 2015

Hi blog,

It's me, Emily.

Let's get this party started before someone sends out a missing person report on this blog.

\This week someone, who's smaller than everyone else but shall remain nameless, decided to make some grand attempt at reverse cycling. 

If you're from my mother's breastfeeding generation, that was called night nursing. 

It's just a fun way of saying "This child has gone bonkers and is trying to make up calories during the night!"

I've come to the conclusion that if a certain amount of fluids are not consumed before 3pm all heck breaks lose. My supply drops, because said nameless human doesn't eat as much. I get less sleep because low and behold he wants to eat... just not at the appropriate time. 

His preferred freak out from food has been roughly 5 minutes after I finished night pumping. 

Lovely, right? 

Well last night I got a break and snoozed until 4:30 am, which on one hand is great and the other is awful. While I'm ecstatic for the rest, I then woke up to a crying baby and realized I never pumped. So I pumped... and he had to be put off by Daddy for a hot second. 

Somehow with the extra sleep (if you wanna call it that) I had the energy to workout...we'll see how that's panning out come 5 this evening. 

In other child related news...

Baby Led Weaning is so amazing! 

H had chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes this week and devoured the chicken and broccoli. When we had the leftovers last night he demolished some chicken once again. 

What's everyone thinking about the new iPhone update?

It's coming off a little stalker to me. 

It knew Wednesday night I was headed to a certain street, but didn't identify it as church. Yesterday morning though... it said work. 

Leaving work it said "home." 

On the upside I now know it takes 26 minutes to get to work and can plan accordingly. 

After our recent church renovations the cry/nursing room hasn't had the sound hooked back up, so every week when I leave mid service to feed people (because at this point I'm sympathizing with dairy cows being hooked up to contraptions) Jeremy has to finish my notes. 

And finish my notes he does. 

Sometimes not correctly, but he says what I think I needed to hear in a sermon. 

Sadly his persistent sin in his life has been lying on church bulletins. I just don't know who would ever peg me for someone who would argue?!?

30 be creeping up and I ain't playing that! 

Especially the part where the baby weight ain't budging, wearing makeup looks like someone who isn't wearing makeup, and the creases or "let's see if more night cream will get rid of those wrinkles."

Nearly not 29 year old Emily knows that tanning is bad, and therefore is pasty white. 

Nearly not 29 year old Emily also doesn't like it when kids says I never wear makeup (because the day I cut my bangs those little boys thought I was wearing mascara.. umm no that's not the new part) when clearly I'm wearing it... or just spending time every morning to look as though I'm not wearing it. 

But... nearly not 29 year old Emily loves it when we get to wear workout clothing to work! 

Happy nearly weekend people!!