5 Months

July 30, 2015

A bunch of photos and a little bit of talking as usual for this post! 

But it's mainly for me anyway, feel free to just look at the blurry pics of the baby who doesn't hold still. 

Weight: 16 lbs. You were an ounce under 16 two weeks ago at the well baby visit so I'm just assuming you're at least 16. 

Length/Height: Can't remember one bit lol! I'll have to update this. 

Eyes: Blue, but starting to look a bit green

Hair: Brown like Mama's!

Clothes: Harrison is wearing 6 months, but we are pushing 9 big time. Just squeezing a bit more out of 6.

Diapers: Size 2 for day diaper and size 3 for night. Once we are done with this box it's all size 3

Likes: He loves to be talked to, playing in the exer-saucer, and sitting in the high chair playing with toys while we are in the kitchen. Tummy time has become less of a fuss and he will happily stay that way much longer. Oh and bath time, the kid loves water! 

Dislikes: Riding in my car, but Jeremy's isn't a problem (tinted windows). At the end of the day he is just done, so sometimes I have to wear him in the carrier to appease his little attitude so I don't have to hear screaming until 7:30. 

Eating: Just breast milk at the moment, we are starting Baby Led Weaning next month. I had to reintroduce the bottle this month because he will be going to a sitter in August and he wasn't having it! We finally figured out he remembered how to take the bottle, but preferred to nurse. 

Sleeping: Sleeping all night! Finally. Jeremy goes in maybe once to put the paci back, but he can stretch it to 6am for the next feed. Although sometimes I just go ahead and go in if he wakes after 5:20ish. 

Milestones: Picking up objects, observing, and placing in his mouth has been the thing. Harrison will even cross his body, if that makes sense, pick up something with his right hand that I have on the left... if I prompt it. We finally figured out how to put the paci back in our own mouth most of the time. He's still rolling from tummy to back but isn't a fan. Luckily Psychologist Daddy said once they do it you're good, he might just not like doing it. We also finally got the child to legitimately laugh at us this month! He's like Jeremy and doesn't full on belly laugh often. 

If I had to describe our fifth month in one word, it would be: Easier. He's able to play on his own a lot more and is more easily entertained. He's a happy little thing up until about 5:30 every day! 

Mommy notes: Everything is in the mouth! He is absolutely in that teething phase, but there is no real proof of it yet. Our good friend that's a dental hygienist said she thinks she feels something, but really they can do this for 3 months. He's showing how stubborn he is for sure, but considering how Jeremy and I are it is fitting that we got a stubborn child. We were stubborn children. 

Oh and Harrison's hair is coming back in!!! 

Those little hands are clutched to whatever is near!

 The child is a monkey, he has Jeremy's ability to move his toes crazy and is constantly putting the soles of his feet together.