Finding Comfort During Your Period

August 11, 2014

This happens to be a subject I've been trying to find just the right balance with since 7th grade. 
It's also something that has taken more than it's fair share of experimenting, whether it be with things I do or the things I use. 
Either way, finding comfort during your period is never an overnight solution. 
I'm no expert, but here are just a few ways I've managed to make that time of the month slightly more bearable for myself. I feel like I should add - because it does make a difference - I've never taken hormones to control it... so we've got a full out 6 day torture cycle over here. 
Like I said though, being au natural with your period means finding ways to help ease the discomfort it brings along. 
Of the hippie things I do, here are my two biggies for when the unwanted Aunt Flo shows up for a visit. 
Staying hydrated is a massive number one in my book! Without proper hydration your muscles don't function properly, leading to cramping much worse than it would otherwise be. 
I take 3 approaches to my hydration. First and foremost is giving up caffeine about two days before my period is predicted to start. I've read that the caffeine makes your cramps worse, probably because it naturally is a diuretic. 
The last thing we need right now is a diuretic. 
Yes, you may be bloated, but water doesn't add to that... at all. In fact it's quite the opposite, your body feels bloated when you aren't getting enough water. 
My favorite way to stay hydrated is with my Lemon Chia Fresca recipe. It's what I drink when I'm not drinking water. 
Then of course I absolutely have to give into my sweet tooth one really good time during that week. The first day of my period always signifies a trip to get a guilt-ridden shake or my favorite soft serve ice cream mixed with candy. 
Staying relaxed is my second surviving your period with comfort tip, because when I'm tense the pain my period brings is just worse. 
Staying relaxed can happen several different ways, although my favorite for day one is to cuddle up with Ellie in bed and watch our favorite television shows. 
Exercise is a great way to ward off period pain. I like to mix up what I do with strength training, cardio (mainly of the dance version), and yoga. My muscles tense up quite a bit the first two days of my period so I try to schedule strength-training days for when I'm not hunched over in pain. 
Heavy cardio the first day or so is just too much for me, so when girl time starts the heavy cardio stops. Don't stop moving though; a nice walk is usually just what I need. I like to dial it back a bit, but not completely rid myself of cardio. 
The magic pill for me during my period, when it comes to exercise, is yoga. My legs and lower abdomen are where my cramps tend to appear, and a nice gentle yoga routine can usually do the trick to help me relax just enough to stretch out any tense muscles causing the pain.
A nice hot detox bath is another great way to find comfort during your period. At home I like to mix equal parts of baking soda and Epsom salt (usually 1/2 cup each) with 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil in my hot bath water to relax. 
This last period I got lucky and visited natural hot springs in Puerto Rico, it was amazing! Not exactly something I can do every month, but it was a nice treat. 
Lastly, do something you enjoy! I love to paint my nails and find it really relaxing. Find your favorite color and take your time giving yourself the perfect manicure. 
With everything I do to stay comfortable during my period, the main factor in my comfort are the products I use and Stayfree is a must. I've used Stayfree products for 14 years and without them I never find comfort during my period. They are the brand that once I found them; I never looked back, seriously! 
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