A Little/Big Update

August 4, 2014

I've been pretty much missing in action on the blog the last few weeks, as well as on social media, but once I say why it will all make sense.

We're pregnant.


I still haven't completely grasped the idea yet.

And I've felt terrible, hence the lack of posting.

We're still pretty early on, I'm currently 8 weeks and the baby (strange thing to say) is due in March 2015.

We found out pretty early on, I've always been like clockwork, and it's funny to notice just how much my mood has changed on the notion of having a baby as the weeks have progressed.

Jeremy literally talked about trying in June and we found out a few weeks later. Ridiculous! I always thought I'd have a much tougher time at this, but apparently all that praying to have at least one child before I turned 30 was well heard.

Week 4 - it still sounded like a great idea, I was only having a little fatigue and indigestion.
Week 5 - This is when the less than fun started to creep in and watching someone eat leftover food nearly sent me over the edge.
Week 6 - The nausea kicked in and I was restricted to a diet of crackers and Gatorade. I was seriously stalking IG to find out what the other prego people were eating until I realized my phone was giving me motion sickness.
Week 7 - I was positive this was a stomach bug/flu combo and was seriously hoping the doctor would tell me it would go away soon. No luck, the doctor gave me meds.

 We decided to go ahead and tell family early on, especially since we found out right before going to Jeremy's Dad's house to visit. I was dying to get Ina May Gaskin's book about childbirth and considering my father-in-law lives right down the road from The Farm I had to take advantage of the visit.

Now normally holistic obsessed Emily quickly faded away as soon as the all day nausea, gaging, and ridiculous aversion to any and all foods kicked in. There was no way I could solve my nausea problem with an holistic approach, and that crept into my reading plan.

I haven't wanted to read a thing since I've felt like this!

On the up and up though, the meds have helped a lot and week 8 isn't looking to have me bed ridden for days like I was pre-medication.

In the event you have super bad nausea let me give you the advice I was given, don't be a hero.

That was the best thing any woman has told me so far. I was miserable and couldn't function at all before begging my doctor for something to help ease it.

 This week I'm just going to give you a little update, next week I'll start with photos.

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 8 weeks
Size of baby: Baby B is the length of a pecan
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Neither
Maternity Clothes: Regular clothes and maternity bras, although I had to use a rubber band with my skinny jeans Sunday. 
Gender: No idea
Movement: Nothing
Sleep: I'm sleeping great, it's the only time I don't feel sick. Plus my dreams have gotten insane, the other night I had one that Jeremy bought me a ton of men's underwear. 
What I miss: Coffee, raw sushi, not that I've wanted either but being told no is annoying.
Cravings: No a thing
Aversions: Meat, the meds have helped ease the aversions and I've been able to actually eat for a few days now.
Symptoms: fatigue and thinking about taking pills or brushing my teeth makes me gag.
Best Moment this week: First doctor appointment, plus Mom sent a ton of books and The Honest Toddler is hilarious! 

The hands down funniest thing about this is just how little control you actually have over your body. I was convinced I'd keep up the cardio and weight lifting and eating mostly Paleo, but the food aversions and fatigue quickly took care of that. I've at least been able to keep up weight lifting, but I want to start doing yoga where I was doing cardio this summer.

Come on 2nd trimester, I need some relief from the fatigue and nausea!

Oh and don't expect to see Meal Pinning Monday back for a few weeks, I haven't been able to stand cooking for quite a few weeks. I'm sure no one cares for a meal plan based on PB&J and bagels.