I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

March 12, 2014

We are only two good days into this week and it's already been a tough one, I'll explain more on that later. First I need more details and more answers to questions though.

Y'all know the best way to get your mind off something is to pin new things on my favorite site... so let's talk about what I found this week.

I've been brainstorming what I could hang on the wall when we buy a house, mainly because I was put under a "don't put anything up" order since we'd only be here a year. Oh my sad bare walls. This painting idea seems easy enough that I could make it look like I was artsy! 

How to make a GIF. I'll be using this very soon in a tutorial. 

Something my students can't fathom... life before Google. I had trouble with life before indoor toilets, these little people don't know phones with cords. 

Easter is upon us! I know St. Patty comes before, but I don't care for the holiday, mainly because I never remember to wear green. Last year I made PW's Hot Cross Buns, and they were alright, but this dough looks so much nicer. 

Looking for a neat gift for your man, a group of groomsmen, or someone who doesn't like ice? Look no further...

Because I can't get enough of these...

I honestly could not stop laughing.