High Five For Friday

March 7, 2014

Thanks to Mardi Gras the working part of this week went fast. 

Luckily the other parts weren't too shabby! 

1. If you haven't tried the FitSugar Victoria Secret workout your missing out. It seriously kicks my butt, literally. Most of the squats are done in dance positions, and me being the non-dancer who does yoga and weightlifting is feeling it. It really has hit on muscle groups that I haven't hit with what I normally do. Oh and KeVita, have you had it? It could possibly becomes an equal to Kombucha in my eyes. Not that I can find it in this town any easier, it just tastes really good. Plus it's lower calorie than Kombucha.

2. The Ultimate Yogi Yin Yoga dvd is by far my favorite. Last year when it was my first round of UY I didn't enjoy it quite as much, the stretching was sort of painful. This year though, it's glorious! To be totally honest, holding a floor pose for 6-7 minutes allows a lot of time for reading ebooks. I also noticed doing these stretches on days I do the FitSugar workout helps ease the hip pain I tend to get at night.

3. King Cake season has officially ended follk. Hope you got yours before Ash Wednesday. This was the first year, maybe because of the glorious internet, that I've seen people outside of the state ordering cakes. Granted the cakes I saw didn't look all that great, I did see them. Honestly though, after my now 3rd Mardi Gras in the deep south I can tell you not all cakes are made alike. I seriously dislike the donut type cake variety, and most grocery stores just make a really hard French bread cinnamon roll. Ick.

4. I got to spend some time with my favorite short person this week (other events of the week need to be looked over, see also my Dad's biopsy turned surgery to remove something). We went to his 4 year old well visit before embarking to Baton Rouge, while all the interstates were closed due to ice mind you, and he tolerated it well. We actually had a lot more fun the day before when I surprised him and went with Dad to pick him up and then took Josh to Johnny's Pizza for lunch. Four year olds are a funny breed, he kept telling me he wanted another banana he couldn't eat. It took a second but we realized he wanted another fake banana like I found for him at the toy store. Dad then made the comment about how Joshua knew a lot for his age vocabulary wise, well we nearly fell over because right after that Joshua touted, "And I know all my letters too!"

5. That King Cake... for breakfast... with coffee. Mmmmm. In the event you ever get a legit Cajun King Cake make sure it has Pecan Praline filling, of the hundreds I've consumed since birth I have to say Pecan Praline is my favorite. If ever you're in New Iberia, Fremin's Grocery Store has the best one in town. Notice the coffee mug, that dinosaur of a mug reminds me of my Dad when I was a kid every time I see them. I have very vivid memories, where I can smell it too, of him sitting outside drinking coffee first thing in the morning. The smell of aftershave and coffee always make me think of him ha! I'm strange, I know.

What's everyone doing this weekend?