Type-A NOLA Recap - via photos

November 6, 2013

Type-A NOLA was a blast, and I happened to meet a blogger who became a fast friend. 

So scroll down, check out the pics, and I'll scatter in a few words as we go. 

To start, Friday night we had a photo walk around the French Quarter. 

I love that Friday night in New Orleans is so active, every place you peeked into there was a singer and tons of people relaxing and listening to the live music. 

We actually went here two years ago on Halloween for a Voodoo tour. If you're looking for a Voodoo shop and want to see something crazy in New Orleans, this is the place. 

I'll warn you though, October is not the time to go.

The creepies are running wild on Halloween. 

This little thing was a huge topic of conversation. 

Why, oh why, would anyone want a Toucan skeleton? 

There were a few times the camera wasn't taken out of the bag... that's when you're going to see IG pics. 

Monteleone, where the event was held. 

We dipped into the Magnolia Praline Co. 

If you see some Slap Ya Mama gumbo mix, but it. 

Also, of all the pralines I've had in my Louisiana raised lifetime... these were the best. 

Saturday we had a wonderful breakfast, sat though tons of great workshops, ate a great lunch provided by Johnson & Johnson... and then got ready for the after party.

Now brace yourself!

If you're new around here you might ask yourself, "Why are there 3 pictures of them?"

However, if you've been around awhile you know two things... 1) there are never any pics of me, and 2) there are maybe 5 pics tops in our nearly 6 years together.

So when Aimee was nice enough to take pics, I held onto Jeremy to make sure he couldn't run away.

In the event I can't get him to take a Christmas pic, this may be it. 

Seriously y'all, not only proof that I have a husband, there is non-selfie proof that I exist! 

Have you ever attended a blog conference?