It's the Last Day Before Thanksgiving Break!

November 22, 2013

This is about the happiest of happy Friday's ever.

We haven't had a single break, I've only taken one personal day, and I'm well over due for some time not being at work.

So yay for Friday!

1. It occurred to me this week that my IG feed is mainly food. I can't help it, it's all I think about. Last Friday Jeremy wanted to have a date night in and grilled ribeyes, that's my kind of date night.

2. I started decorating for Christmas this past weekend. This door is what happens after moving so many times, and downsizing twice. All the ornaments that once graced a live tree every year are now strung on ribbon as garland - this girl hasn't had room for a live tree for 3 Christmas' in a row. Depressing right? Not to mention I was so sad that Jeremy was leaving the last year in Monroe and I had to stay there for 6 months that I didn't decorate at all that year. So technically this makes 4 years.

I'm happy with my little country themed Christmas this year, with the cute little pine cone tree. I almost like the pine cone tree better than the other decoration... and may have taken down my mini tree to replace it with the pine cone tree this morning.

3. I teamed up with some awesome bloggers to cohost a $350 Paypal cash Black Friday Giveaway, you totally need to enter!

4. This is one of my favorite salads on earth to take to work with me. I've been eating it all week long, there is just something about feta and dried cranberries that are to die for. Here's what's in it: feta, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, cucumber, carrots, chicken, and I top it with my favorite salad dressing. 

5. More food I know, we had this for dinner Wednesday night and it's been a favorite for ages. I even shared it on the blog once. It's Korean Chicken and Rice Bowls with Cucumber Slaw.

I'm a little food heavy this week, but I guess it fits my mood. Nothing all that interesting has happened, just food lol!

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