High Five 4 Friday

June 14, 2013

It's finally Friday and I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High 5 for Friday!

I'd be saying yay for Friday except the fact that there is a lot of packing left to be done and we leave for youth camp in two days. Holy Packing Fail Batman! But lets review this week and forget the packing failures.

1. This past Saturday we took the littlest Cater to the zoo. Y'all it is far to hot to be doing such an adventure without getting soaking wet in the splash park then walking around. It was fun to take him despite the heat considering we hadn't been since his momma was just barely older than he is now.

2. We've been working on getting water cut on as well as other living needs. Jeremy has been in charge of calling and swapping things around while I've been in charge of staring at boxes and randomly packing things with no real need or order. We seriously move in two weeks, and one of those weeks we won't even be in the state. This is all moving way to fast for my brain.

3. Along with hot summer heat the also common summer nausea has set in. I randomly get nauseous between being in the car, being way to hot, and being on the computer...so Sea Bands are my best friend. I highly suggest them over ever taking the pill form of anti nausea meds.

4. Jeremy let me go play golf with the guys for the first time, I started out okay for myself but the harder it rained the worse I got. Then it really rained, like soaked through to your undies rained, and we had to high tail it to the car. Fun but wet. We went back yesterday and I couldn't hit the ball to save my life.

5. Green Apple Icees are okay, but someone really needs to bring back the Pink Lemonade flavor I always got in high school. Sadly I think I've hit a spot in this heat filled LA summer that nothing can soothe, not even an Icee.

Now tell me | What were you favorite moments from the past week?