4th Anniversay Recap :: Cafe Du Monde & Emeril's

June 13, 2013

I wish I could say we went out and did something crazy for our anniversary, I can't. With the upcoming move that Jeremy has compared to hemorrhaging money, decided to play it low key.

Also with this being our last anniversary living so close to New Orleans I thought we should head into town and try out a restaurant I've wanted to sink my teeth into for well over a decade... nearly two. 

So after a little convincing of Jeremy, I made our lunch reservations at Emeril's. 

I highly suggest you make lunch reservations at places if you are looking to check it out, get a good taste of what they are about, and not blow your whole wallet on one meal. I also wasn't in the mood to spend the whole day in the city so lunch was a good way to get in and out quickly.

Our first stop of the day was Cafe Du Monde, and in true Emily & Jeremy style we hit up one in Kenner so we could skip the crowds in the Quarter. I just wanted my frozen Cafe Au Lait, no reason to pay for parking.

Parking by Emeril's is tricky, just give in and take the valet if you go. I just love the first pic in this set, the sky was absolutely beautiful and it wasn't so crazy hot in NOLA just yet.

Now for Emeril's food. I have wanted to come here for years and just now got around to it. He was one of the first chefs I really like and made recipes from, Emeril Live was probably my favorite show growing up.

To start we got the BBQ Shrinp for an app. It was divine, I could have eaten a dozen of those little rosemary biscuits. Jeremy got the salmon with an andouille hash, I'm not a salmon gal but I can tell you that the hash was divine.

Speaking of rosemary, my plant has bit the dust. I need to look up how to plant from a stem so I can regrow this poor plant.

I on the other hand was super indecisive about what I wanted and the server suggest the chicken & waffles out of the long list of ideas I thew at him. I just couldn't make up my mind to save my life, lucky for me it was a great choice.

For dessert we got the Banana Cream Pie, if you go you have got to get this. I'm not a big banana cream pie person, but this is the dessert they are known for. It was absolutely heavenly, I would love to know what was in it to make at home.

Now tell me :: What are your favorite restaurants for special occasions?