Behind the Blog

June 25, 2013

With our move occurring in just a few days I thought I'd end my 2 years at the Gloria Street apartment with a little behind the blog and let y'all in on how I do things here.

I've spent many days photographing things for this blog in the weirdest places and got quite a handful of odd looks from neighbors who were probably wondering why I was photographing the clean eating pancakes outside in my nightclothes.

Why don't I take pictures inside like a sane person?

Well, our apartment could lovingly be called a dungeon. It's dark in here y'all. Unless you want to see food shot under night vision I will have to stand outside like a weirdo waiting on the perfect light so my less than professional camera can get a decent shot.

All of my outdoor photos you see with the brick background... this is where it happens. 

When we moved two years ago I had to toss my ancient grill that had rusted out and my Pop gave me his grill. This baby started off looking much better, but after two years of living outdoors without any sort of awning it took a beating. 

So that one little slice of wood is where I take food photos at. 

Now the next house, it has much better lighting, great walls and floors... so this girl can now shoot indoors and not stand outside in her pajamas like she's crazy! 

The grill isn't always my only place to shoot.

Sometimes light and the size of the product allows me to shoot in my bathroom. I should go back through and link up to every photo taken in here so you could get a good laugh.

For instance, my marshmallow icing and cupcake that did pretty well on Pinterest last year was shot facing the wall beside the toilet and I was sitting on the side of the tub.

Glamorous people, it's just straight glamour.

You may recall a post about several bloggers and myself interning for 5 Minutes for Mom, well we have meetings twice a week online. I really should just start a "where I filmed this week" series for kicks and giggles, but this is where I typically hope on the video conference. 

Places on the "Where has Emily video conferenced?" list include but are not limited to::
  • CeCe's Pizza (youth cramp traveling)
  • The car
  • A parking lot
  • Jeremy's office
  • Near any source of available light in our ridiculous apartment

This apartment is so dark, even with every light turned on, that I have to turn the big chair in the living room around to face the window, pull back the curtains, and open the blinds. 

I'm about 90% sure the neighbor that thought I was nuts for photographing a rug in front of my car now thinks I'm the nosy neighbor from Bewitched. 

But it's the only way to get decent light. 

And now I'm that creepy neighbor. 

Last but not least, here is a little look into our current reality. While this isn't "behind the blog" so much... it is directly behind my desk where I usually blog.

I really want to just scratch out every improving on the Lowe's boxes so that is reads "Lowe's Never Stop Packing" and give it the tag line "our boxes are so big you'll just keep running into them."

TMI side note: as you can see these boxes are in the guest room where my closet is... I walked past them naked and bumped into them. It was basically like slow dancing with Edward Scissor Hands, I had paper cuts where no human should ever have a paper cut. I think I halfway sliced off a boob.

Also notice the unpacked bag from youth camp, the workout equipment that isn't being used right now because there are too many boxes and I can't stand in front of the TV, the empty closet hence I am only wearing workout clothes until we unpack, and all the laundry drying on the guest bed because I'm ghetto like that.

Yes, that was a run-on like no other, but it's how I would say it if we were talking.

So there you have it, where I blog... but only for the rest of the week.

If you have a crazy desire to pack come on over. I have a few loads of stuff to take to Salvation Army and am currently holding up every item and giving it the "how many times have I used you in the past two years" test.

I have grown a lot as a blogger the past two years, and with just a month of internship with the fabulous Susan and all the great interns at 5 Minutes for Mom I will only learn more in the coming months. I just hope that I can quickly get on track after the move, let's face it I'm having trouble this week after a week of being MIA for Merge camp in Memphis.

Now tell me | Where do you blog?