High Five For Friday

May 10, 2013

1. I got my Crystal Faye monogrammed t-shirt in, I absolutely love it. But tell me how this Louisiana girl ordered a gold shirt and forgot to get the monogram in black or purple? Shame shame. 

2. I've been on two field trips in the past week, yay for the school year coming to a close. Next week I am so excited because we are finishing the instructional calendar early and I am teaching a novel study for the next week and a half on Dear Mr. Henshaw. Considering my homeroom was so sad after we finished reading Anne of Green Gables yesterday I am sure they will love doing a novel study. 

3. Saturday I had absolutely nothing to do except clean and drink coffee with whip cream in it, I adore dead days. 

4. Rudy has lost his ever loving mind. He is such a funny little creature, yesterday I caught him carrying around a Milk Bone. When Jeremy got home I asked him when he had given him that, it had obviously been hours upon hours ago and little dude was so obsessed with his Milk Bone that he just wouldn't eat it. Ellie got it and ate it though, he was awfully upset about it. It was so, so funny. 

5. I don't want to jinx myself, but I had an interview Wednesday and got called back last night to do a second interview with the whole teacher team for the grades they are considering me for. You wouldn't be wasting a prayer if you prayed for us this upcoming week. We both have interviews the same day in the same parish. Granted it doesn't matter if I get mine if Jeremy doesn't get his internship there, but the chance of knowing where we will be this early in the summer would be dreamy. 

What was your favorite part of the week?