Answers to the Questions

May 9, 2013

Last Thursday I was in a super freak funk and nothing I was going to write would be positive, encouraging, or even slightly I didn't write. Instead of opened the floor for questions, and surprise it totally lifted my insane mood! Today I'm answering those questions, and considering how much fun I've had I'll probably do it again:)

First off, my good friend Britt made me laugh on Facebook ::

Brittany Dickson Humphries So I can ask my friend anything today lol. Here it goes when are u coming to baton rouge for a Saturday so we can meet up n visit? Lol. It'd be even better if Gabby Morace Clem came to BR for the day too  miss my old friends

I love you Brittany! How about the first weekend in June? 
Gerard Paul Lavergne Why are girls crazy

I should have known Gerard would ask this, he is our worship minister who lives down the street...and drives me nuts. 

Gerard, girls are crazy because we have hormones that make up insane once a month. Girls are also crazy when you take their phone and take horrible pictures of yourself and post it all over their social media accounts. Also, stop assuming we are all on our periods all the time. That doesn't help with the crazy. :)

Stephanie :: What made you want to start this blog?

I started this up in 2008 after we were engaged and I realized I wanted to show my bridesmaids wedding things and get their opinion, but they all lived hours and states away. It immediately turned into my grandmother commenting back and forth with me about wedding ideas, then some ladies in my hometown started reading, and next thing you know many of our wedding guests were curious to see how everything would turn out. At the wedding I was asked by several people if I would keep blogging and if I would change the name, at the time it was Louisiana Bride & a Mississippi Wedding. I just changed the tag line, because I couldn't think of a better title at the time and kept on writing. For a good 2-3 years more of my readers were just friends, my grandparents emailed my site address out to their friends so a lot of family read. Now if someone asks how I'm doing my mom and grandfather direct them here lol! If you want to see the early, horribly photographed posts, check out the wedding tab at the top:)

AverageJane Just how awesome is your sister?

Also known as my sister. Who else would commet like that? My sister is so awesome that she gave birth to a kid that is obviously my personality twin & bought me a "quite miniature doxie" for my birthday that is obviously a standard and constantly grumbles and barks at us. It is a shame we don't live in the same town because we really are close friends as adults, it's safe to say we are best friends...when she isn't sick of me telling her what to do. I'm the oldest though, it's my job to tell everyone what they should be doing. 

Beth  I've got some questions for you!

1. Where do you find inspiration as a blogger? I need some!
2. What are y'all top five favorite weeknight meals? I'm in a cooking funk!
3. What was your favorite childhood vacation? Do you and your hubby agree on vacations? Are y'all currently planning one or have a bucket travel list? I need a getaway!
That's all! :)
Hope you're well!!

1. Inspiration as a blogger....if I get in a rut I start looking to see what's on Pinterest and go from there. Or I have an "ask me anything" post because I'm clueless. I started Meal Pinning Monday so that I could easily get to my own weekly meal plan recipes, plus if I forget to do something or need Jeremy to do it he knows how to find what is up for that day. Once I got a mental blog schedule going I was good. I do two linkys a week because I think they are both fun, but they help drive blog traffic and give me something to write if I am just totally blank.

2. Top five favorite weeknight meals...
Korean Chicken and Rice Bowls
Spaghetti Squash Lasagna
BBQ Chicken Baked Potato with Fried Onions
Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken with Mashed Cauliflower or Rosemary & Lemon Haricot Verts
Clean Eating Enchiladas (I add a little cheese and plain greek yogurt to the filling)

3. We only went on one "vacation" as a kid and that was to NOLA to the zoo. We were broke when I was little lol! I did get to go to England on a mission trip when I was 14 and it was the best 10 days of my entire life, aside from Italy last year. I was sick as a dog from air sickness (I'd never flown) and lost 15 lbs that I couldn't stand to lose from throwing up in every restroom in London & Great Middleton, but I'd puke every day of my life if I could live there lol!

We do actually agree on vacations. We aren't really beach people. Neither one of us just like sitting around. Italy was definitely the best trip we've taken together, we are definitely more of the prefer to travel internationally type. There are only a few places in the States I am dying to see. We almost went to Germany a few years ago, I'd like to go there and take Jeremy to England. We both want to do the Holy Land tour eventually. He wants to go to China, I'd rather not get shots. We have actually talked about moving overseas for two years and working for the Embassy(they have spots for teachers & school psychs).

Easy in the country vacays we like are mainly Bed & Breakfasts. We have gone back to Twin Oaks in Natchez where we were married many times. Jeremy's hotel requirement is that it has a decent jacuzzi tub. We like cities and food, so anything that involves landmarks and good local food we are down for haha! 

Jillian MV  Are you planning on having kids? And if so how many?

Babies are an interesting topic for us. May will make 4 years and I only know one other couple friend who has been married this long and doesn't have babies on their immediate radar either. When we were engaged we decided to wait 5 years, I think it has expanded a bit, but it was mainly for us to both finish graduate school. Jeremy will actually graduate with his Specialist a few weeks before our 5 year anniversary. Teaching has made me go back and forth with the kid idea, during the summer I want kids, during the school year I could live without them. I know we want to get settled and buy a house, possibly have my big student loan paid off before starting a family. We also have a few more places we want to travel first. I am pretty sure we are going to be old parents lol! 

I have one sibling, and Jeremy has two...and both of us agree that only children are awful. No offense, but much like homeschool kids you can spot a only child a mile away (Jeremy was HS so I'm not judging, just stating the facts). Based on that we would have probably 2, kids need social interaction and the ability to defend themselves against a sibling to not be weird adults haha. I wouldn't mind three just because I like the idea of a big family, I only have one sibling. Then again I don't want to be outnumbered :) If God wants us to have a bunch we will, if he doesn't we won't. I don't think it will ever be a topic we stress about too much. If we happen to never be able to have kids we will just travel until we die. 

Okay, that was fun. We will definitely be doing this again:) 

So y'all tell me...what is your favorite vacation destination? 
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