Goat Cheese, Cranberry and Dijon Chicken Sandwich

May 7, 2013

When we were first married I discovered my love of goat cheese. I put it in pasta, on pizza, salads, and even just ate it out of the wrapper. I added it to everything thing until, like all food obsessions, Jeremy stepped in and said he was over it.

We had a similar situation with spaghetti squash this winter, but it was the first time it was really carried here in such a easy to find quantity. Hence the obsession. 

This could possibly be a side effect of living all the places we have, granted Monroe was the best. By the time I was graduating Monroe/West Monroe was taking off and carrying more unique foods and opening more health focused restaurants. My kind of heaven. 

But to get back on point, this post is going no where right now.

My goat cheese love. Yes, it lead me to this sandwich. Which partially has to do with my love of grilled chicken, spinach, and mustard as well. 

Serves 4
adapted from :: Hungry Girl por vida
4 oz goat cheese
1/2 cup whole cranberry sauce
Dijon mustard to taste
2 cups baby spinach
4 chicken breast
4 whole wheat hamburger buns
salt & pepper
3 tbsp olive oil (or melted coconut oil)
1 tsp chopped fresh rosemary
1/4 tsp ground sage (I can never find fresh)
1 clove of garlic, minced

Place chicken in a gallon size zip top bag and season with olive oil, rosemary, salt & pepper, sage, and garlic. Squeeze out the air and seal tightly, squish all of the ingredients around so it fully coats the chicken. Allow chicken to marinate for at least an hour. Heat grill to med - med high heat and grill until done. (I also like to toast the buns on the grill)

To dress the chicken sandwich use 1 oz of goat cheese, 1-2 tbsp cranberry sauce, a good handful of spinach leaves, and Dijon mustard. I like to put the dijon and spinach on the bottom and the goat cheese & cranberry on top of the chicken. 

The flavor combination on this is amazing, then again I am slightly obsessed with goat cheese. Jeremy slightly doubted me when I told him what I was making but he loved it! As a side note - I just use the whole cranberry sauce from the can, cranberries aren't in season right now so they aren't exactly easy to find. It tastes fine as a sub when you can't make the real thing. I like to serve this with sweet potato fries or baked cauliflower topped with garlic, S & P, and nutritional yeast for a cheesy taste. 

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