Men and Wedding Flowers

May 31, 2012

Today's guest post is brought to you and written by Patricia Hall of Serenata Flowers UK. 

Men and Wedding Flowers

One of the most important details to a wedding is found in the wedding flowers. While many people assume that the wedding flowers are a decision that should be made by the bride alone, there are many grooms that want to be involved in this part of the decision making process and should be more concerned with the wedding flowers. Grooms would learn a lot by taking a more active role in choosing bridal flowers and in deciding on the flower decorations for a wedding. In addition, they will be able to look back on pictures of the wedding day and remember why they chose certain flowers and be reminded of the happy wedding day.

While there are many options for flowers, the first step that a groom should take in the search for wedding flowers is to consult a florist. A florist is trained to know about all the different flowers available. If price is a question then the groom is able to tell the florist the price constraints and find suitable flowers in the right price range. In addition if the groom doesn't know a lot about flowers, the florist is the best person to teach him about the many choices he will have to choose from and narrow down his decisions. After speaking to a florist, the groom is then able to look at flowers online and form ideas of the flowers that appeal to him and decide if they will work with the wedding decor. Flowers have a variety of meaning and the groom would benefit by understanding the significance of certain color of flowers or types of flowers to make sure that he is sending an important message to his bride. For example a red chrysanthemum signifies love while a petunia represents resentment and anger. It makes sense for a groom to choose flowers that reflect how he feels about his bride and hopefully convey his love.

At a wedding, flowers are usually used for decorations, for the bride's bouquet and also on the boutonnieres that the groom, groomsmen and the other male members of the wedding party will wear. The main focus should be placed on the bridal bouquet. But after the bridal bouquet flowers are chosen, the groom should help select the boutonniere options. The boutonniere has a major role in the wedding flowers for the men because each different display can signify closeness to the groom. For example, the best man might wear a slightly larger boutonniere than the rest of the groomsmen to show that he has a larger role in the wedding. Most boutonnieres for a wedding are chosen to either match the bride’s bouquet or to go with the colors that have been chosen for the wedding. The groom should help select an option that coordinates with the bridal bouquet and his should stand out more than the other boutonnieres that are in the wedding party. In addition the same type of flowers should be done on both the boutonnieres and the bridal bouquet, like if one is done with artificial flowers then the other should be done in artificial flowers as well.

Helping get the flowers to the wedding is another area that a groom may be able to help with and take a worry away from the bride. There is always the flower delivery uk option or the groom can arrange to handle the pick-up of the wedding flowers himself and eliminate the delivery fee. This will require that the groom have a large cargo area in his vehicle since the flowers can't be smashed or damaged in anyway on the way to the wedding.

As one can see, there are countless ways for a groom to be more involved in the choosing of wedding flowers for his wedding. It will most likely involve some learning if he doesn't know much about flowers but will help his bride and allow him to feel more involved in an important part of the wedding.

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Patricia Hall works part-time for Serenata Flowers UK an online florist and loves to surround herself with flowers at any given point of time. Even in her free time she loves to involve herself with everything flora and fauna.
'To me there is nothing more beautiful and global as the language of flowers - it is the easiest to understand all around the world in the same way. That is one reason why I truly admire flowers for what they represent in some ways - unity of all mankind!'