7 questions

May 30, 2012

My funny pic...this was taken by Katie at Two Suez Photography. We were doing a newborn session for my nephew and she caught a few of us...in our true form.

1. If you were to start your own business, what would it be?
Can I blog? Well other than that a gym. I love to workout, but cost of actual membership during grad school times is outweighed by cost of books. So these days I have to workout however and whenever I can...i.e. with the guys at church in a make shift gym with dumbbells. So I so need my own gym. 

2. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed, do you embrace your grumpiness or try to fight it?
 I stay on the wrong side. Sometimes I come out, but it takes a funny situation to make me forget. 

3. What's the very first memory you have?
Farthest back is going to my great-grandmother Granny Rose's house in Newellton. I can still describe the entire layout of the house, and that she was in the kitchen when we came in. She was a horrible cook, but she was in the kitchen none the less. I had to be 3 or under because she was in the nursing home when I was 4 and died when I was 4 as well. 

4. the world is ending, what do you do? Allow yourself to die? Fight? Hide? Etc.
This depends. I would probably raid a store for camping equipment and drive out to Pike County, Mississippi. I am about 100% positive I could survive at the Bogue Chito camping grounds by the river. So I would fight for camping stuff, then hide.

5. What is your favorite meal of the day?
Depends on my mood. I love breakfast and lunch food. I could eat a good deli sandwich daily. Then again I love banana bread or German pancakes. 

6. How do you best learn? Visual? Listening? Hands on?
Depends on the teacher and subject. History, English, Psychology - I can take notes and survive fine. I like those classes. Any Science - hands on and massive note taking. I like it but I can't remember it. You couldn't put math in my head if you cut it open and wrote on it with a Sharpie. 

7. What is your favorite joke? 
I grew up with a grandfather whose life goal is to tell you every corny joke on earth. I've spent more time rolling my eyes at Pop than anything else. So with that said I love comedians and jokes. I can't remember the comedian who told a joke recently that I loved, but here is one that created an "infomercial" that is hilarious.