If You Give a Dachshund a Watermelon Rind...

May 10, 2012

It is safe to say the last month of school is kicking my butt. I've become quite the pathetic blogger...and nearly as absent in real life. No joke, even with a full night sleep I came home exhausted and ready to take a nap today. But then again that is what you get when classroom behavior worsens with the anticipation of summer break.

7 days of kids left!
1 teacher records day!

And then sadly....one full day off before I delve into a two day summer school training. I don't technically get off this year until July 2. Boo. But with a hubby in graduate school it is well worth saving any extra penny we can, there is a chance he could get an unpaid externship and that would be no fun at all. 

Funny story though before I run off to workout and attempt to make my Fitbit step goal.

I was cutting up a watermelon and munching on a piece over the sink yesterday when Maddie starting barking at me. This dog never barks, I am not so sure she knows how. I realized she was wanting my watermelon, so I took the rind with a bit a pink left on it for her outside. She was in heaven! So much so that when I came back inside to get the chicken to grill I heard growling outside, and not the usual play growl but a very stern serious growl. As I opened the door Maddie was holding the watermelon rind in her mouth like a big smile and had all the hair on her body standing on end. She immediately tried to run inside with her leaky rind and I shoved her back out. Of course I gave Ellie her own, but who on earth as ever seen a dog want watermelon! When I finally got out the door with the chicken Maddie was scraping the meat off with her teeth and Ellie was in heaven with a beard full of watermelon juice. Here is evidence of my two clowns eating their fruit.

After Maddie finished her rind off she wanted another one, so I gave it to her...but Ellie 
stole it.

Tomorrow we plan to go to a concert, one of my favorite bands Meriwether is having a release party for their newest album. Yay, we haven't been to a concert together in well over a year. I am starting to feel like some fuddy dud couple. We sold our motorcycle and we don't go to concerts. To top it off I don't even have my sports car anymore. We both drive dull adult cars, might as well pay some bills and be in bed by 7. 

I will definitely need the cars paid off and another motorcycle bought...as well as a few more concerts attended before venturing into children. You can attach a baby carrier to a sissy bar, can't you? 

Well now I seriously have to go workout, Teacher Appreciation week is turning into "Help Your Teacher Gain Another 5" week. I had donuts yesterday and 2 slices of cheesecake today. My rational is that it is self medicating since I don't have a drug problem. 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all my teacher friends!