{tmi} what I started to not blog about...updated

July 24, 2011

Today at the ultrasound the tech couldn't find anything and the radiologist said everything looked fine PTL! No needles yay:) Apparently what the OBGYN and I were feeling was just some dense tissue. Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to boob lumps. Needless to say though I filled out a nice chunk of paper work between all these visits about family history...all of which points to the realm of "do not willingly consume hormones". It is so nice to finally have a doctor who agrees with the "no hormones" thing that my grandmother's Oncologist suggested for my sister and I.
I've debated on posting this, but honestly this weeks anxiety with work and doctor junk is the reason I haven't blogged much this week. So anyway, at the beginning of the month I noticed a lump in my chest, never had anything like that before so it was a cause for concern. But honestly I hate going to the doctor so I put it off. Then I decided the ringworm I got that was blown out of control during a sinus infection involving steroids (who knew) had to go, so I went to the doctor against my will.

So to speed up this TMI post, I mentioned the lump in passing thinking he would shrug it off and I'd go on my merry way. Um, not a chance. He asked about my family history which is dotted with cancer from both sides, red flag. So he left the room. And immediately made me an appointment with a OBGYN for the next day. Honestly I was amazed at how fast he got me in as a new patient.

Now it's Wednesday, I was freaked about having blood drawn. Luckily they left my blood alone. Bad side of it. During the breast exam the doctor found the same lump I found. Being that I am to young to have a mammogram she scheduled me an appointment with the ultrasound tech/general surgeon to find out what the mass is exactly.

Now the upside is if it is literally nothing they won't do a biopsy or an aspiration. Downside is, if it is something I van not escape having a needle stabbed in my chest where I can see it. Yeah, I am more afraid of the needle idea right now.

But here is the kicker ladies, early detection is key, even in your 20's. Had Nanny not found her breast cancer in stage one her doctor said she probably would not have survived it. Now I'm not saying what I have is anything, I don't know yet. But what I am saying is that even if you are a massive chicken like me, or just young, you should never let this just ride out. I read blogs everyday that are written by girls my age who have or have had cancer, breast cancer...yes even in their 20's. Which is partly why I didn't just let this ride out.

Enough of my ranting and bossing people.

On another note though, if you tell Lowe's you want black paint and give them a black swatch they will give you royal navy colored paint. Proof being my dresser that is now blue...and not matching the bed.