Louisiana Thursday Night

July 18, 2011

I don't know if you have heard of a little show on the History Channel called Swamp People? Well in June we moved to Thibodaux, right by Houma(where I will be working), and it just so happens Swamp People is filmed here. The RJ and J Paul section of the show to be correct. In fact several of our new friends are from Pierre Part where the show is also filmed (Troy). Needless to say we had heard rumors that RJ and J Paul went to Buffalo Wild Wings every Thursday night to sign autographs and such when the season was airing. So when my cousins confirmed it Jeremy just had to go.

Now I have two questions for the people in these pictures. #1 Jeremy why do tall people slouch when they take pics with short people, and #2 Mom why are you holding his hand? Good Lord you people are odd haha, am I the only one who practiced my camera smile?

Needless to say Mom was interested in how old RJ was since he was so buff. Dad use to look like that...is she by chance trying to find a workout plan for the oldie? I think so haha.

Sadly meeting them was all fine and dandy, but that is my official last time to eat a BWW. The last two times we went (in Shreveport) it was not so great, we got cold food. But this time our orders were jacked up. Waitress made a big uh oh with me and Jeremy. You see, usually I order the crazy spicy stuff and Jeremy orders something less damaging to your intestines. This time however, J ordered Habanero and I went low key and stayed away from my usual Hot for Spicy Garlic. Or so I thought. She mixed up us. The whole time we were eating I was nearly crying and guzzling water and ranch dip. My gums were even burning people, that never happens to me and I love hot food. Jeremy kept acting like I was being a baby, well, because he thought he had the spicier of the two and he was fine! Ha! We finally figured out the issue...when we were both on our last wings. So in your face Jeremy, I was not being a baby...you had my mild wings. Not such a tough guy now huh haha.

And that my friends is why I am not going back. 3 strikes and you are out BWW. Never again.